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Some customers have complained to the BBB and regarding consumer complaints2 the services and product they’ve received from, LLC resume service.

Based on the owner[Andrew Greenstein] interaction with SFA, it appears that he is making a good faith effort to minimize these complaints.

SFA applaud Mr. Greenstein effort to make good to client and will eventually remove post after a year of customer satisfaction.

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The Better Business Bureau

26 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 10 closed in last 12 months
Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues 3
Delivery Issues 2
Guarantee / Warranty Issues 8
Problems with Product / Service 13
Billing / Collection Issues 0
Total Closed Complaints 26

The seven companies listed are all run by

• Resumes Guaranteed
• 1 on 1 Resumes
• Resume Perfection
• Federal Resume Writing
• KSA Writers
• Career Change Resumes
• Entry Level Resumes


7 thoughts on “, LLC Resumes

  1. andrew greenstein says:

    Thank you for your offer to remove the rest of the posting. I reviewed the 26 complaints posted/linked to above. During that 3 year period, we wrote nearly 26,000 resumes so the complaint ratio is approximately 1 out of 1,000 ! Looking at the complaints, they all appear to be closed/resolved–

    Thus, kindly remove the rest of the post. If you see anything that is not resolved in the client’s favor that should be, please let me know and I will personally take care of it immediately. Thank you.

  2. andrew greenstein says:

    ScamFraudAlert claims to be “advocates for transparency.”

    If a client had e-mailed my resume company on June 17th pointing out nearly 1/2 dozen harmful, fraudulent lies and mistakes we made about that client….and…if we had ignored them and not responded by June 22nd, surely they would be calling us a “fraud” and a “scam” all over the Internet on sites like this.

    I re-iterate: Sites like this one are a great place for posting OPINIONS. However, is ScamFraudAlert.Org truly sticks to their stated missions, they know that they must [even as a matter of law] remove any statements of MIS-FACT that can be PROVEN to be UNTRUE.
    Your posting on 10/17/12 implies you are looking into the matter, but clearly you did not. No further information was ever posted by ScamFraudAlert.Org.

    You are continuing to post a review that you have been TOLD is filled with lies and mis-statements and you have done nothing to respond to them. We do NOT have 100 complaints; Show me even 40. We have NEVER “retired” a website: Name ONE. We have NEVER asked for a letter from the IRS nor would that make ANY sense or prove anything OR be possible. WE can prove that THOUSANDS of our clients follow our EXPERT, think-outside-the-box advice and use certified mail AND that we have refunded those who haven’t.

    Please REMOVE the portions of this review that are LIES. After all, this site stands for truth and “transparency,” does it not?

    Thank you.

    • SFA Reporter says:

      We’ve taken a look at your concerns and have removed the complaint.
      We are willing to removing the entire post once you’ve made your customers happy.
      Let us know if we can be of further help.

  3. andrew greenstein says:

    While I deeply regret this review, it is filled with erroneous and misleading information.

    There is no fraud re: our money-back guarantee policy. It is clearly stated on our website and it is quoted in this review! Clients are advised to submit the resume we create for them to 30 prospective employers via mail. Everyone ELSE mass submits resumes via email– We have a specific career marketing methodology to “beat your competition” that involves snail mailing. If you do not take our advice and use our resume as directed, then we do not do the refund, obviously. If we instantly refunded (+$50-$100 bonus) anyone who said they do not have a job without requesting ANY documentation, obviously—we’d be opening ourselves up to exploitation. All we require is that you follow our clearly posted advice, submit our resume using the instructions we give you–and that’s it! There is not–nor has there ever been a request for “IRS documentation”–That’s quite outlandish and nothing on our site nor in our history asks for such a thing.

    This reviewer is clearly not a fan of our money-back policy but we are the ONLY company in the entire resume writing industry offering one–and yes, there are terms & conditions– which, again, are clearly stated on our site and even in this review–AND they’re quite simple to follow !

    http://www.ResumeWritingGroup.Com does not lie. As you stated, all of our sites are for one company: Azoos— and our staff and resume writing service has existed for as long as stated and serviced the approximate number of clients stated. I view websites as ad campaigns– not just as storefronts. Coca-Cola does not have just one ad campaign– They have zillions of them in all different formats. One magazine may have 12-15 different Coke ad looks/slogans/styles over any year-long period..

    We advertise our resume writing service in different colors, with different slogans, offers etc–and make no attempt whatsoever to conceal that it’s all one company.

    We write incredibly good professional resumes and we offer a money back guarantee that no one else comes close to matching.

    My personal cell is 352-250-4220– Please call or text w/ ANY questions about my company…

    Andrew Greenstein

    • SFA Reporter says:


      We appreciate your comment. We will re-evaluate the post if there are not significant disagreement to your comment.

      Thank you for providing us with your feedback.


      • Andrew Greenstein says:

        While we respect your opinion and encourage that truthful reviews be posted on the Internet, there remain nearly 1/2 dozen items on your web page which are blatantly incorrect and libelous. In US law, libel occurs not when you state your opinion but, rather, when you post a statement as fact about a company when doing so can mislead the public and damage the company’s reputation. We have not heard back since October and are posting this request as a final warning to remove the following items from your review –which are stated as facts…not opinions…and which are absolutely fictitious and have no support:

        1. The claim that we “have over 100 complaints against us.” I count less than 25–which, while undesirable –is pretty good considering we have indeed serviced over 100,000 clients worldwide. That gives us a FAR better record than most well-respected Fortune 500 companies. While you can state any opinion you like, it is illegal for you to claim as fact–that we have over 100 complaints when we clearly do not.

        2. The statement that we have “a history of retiring websites…” is another libelous, false statement. In my personal history and the entire history of our company, NO site has EVER been retired in ANY way. If you feel this is untrue, name the URLs you think we have “retired.” If you cannot do so then you are legally obligated to remove this false and damaging statement.

        3. “Nobody does a job search using certified letters.” In a court of law, we can prove that thousands of people–at least our clients do–each year. You are stating another untruth as though it were fact and this, too, must be edited or removed. As a highly successful individual outside of the résumé industry and having an accomplished history in HR, I have gone to great lengths to explain the strategic rationale behind our company’s advice in videos and e-pamphlets including but not limited to:

        4. “They could ask you for a letter from the IRS..” What does that mean? This is untruthful. There is nothing in our policy which asks for that. There is nothing in our policy that could imply such. In court proceedings, the evidence would clearly reflect we have never made such an impossibly preposterous request of any client at any time in our history. You are required to remove this false statement or show proof that we asked a client for an “IRS Letter”–which is not something we have ever even ALLUDED to. When a client purchases something from a major department store and it comes with a “money back guarantee,” there are always rules to be followed re: dates and receipts in order to qualify for the guarantee…This is usually to prevent company loss and consumer fraud. In our case, it is also to give our clients a unique strategy to help them get jobs..I have explained the rationale behind the strategy in the above posted video and my background would –in a court of law–qualify me as an expert in the field. Your false statement which is represented as fact and not as opinion is libelous and thus, must be removed.

        I thank you in advance for your prompt cooperation in showing the public the truth as well as opinion.

        Andrew A. Greenstein
        Proud President of an Amazing Résumé Writing Company

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