The Purpose of this post is to ALERT you that the job you are about to apply for or may have applied For or is CONSIDERING APPLYING FOR is FRAUDULENT.
These job postings are an attempt to lure you into cashing counterfeit checks and have you wire funds via Western Union or MoneyGram. Essentially You Become A Money or RePackage Mule.

Understanding The Cyber Theft Ring  
 Money Mule Explained by Brian Kerbs
Interview With A Money Mule 

craigslist warning

Scammers reinvent themselves. Today, these hard core career criminals have become affiliate marketers or just plain outright scammers
These affiliate scammers are posting bogus ads promising (nonexistent!) employment, paid research trials, or other compensation, but then notifying repliers that they’ll need to jump through a hoop first, directing job seekers to a host of deplorable tactics as listed below:

all in hopes of earning affiliate marketing commissions or otherwise profiting at the expense of persons seeking employment.
There are lots of variations on these scams, but each generally involves dangling (nonexistent!) compensation, easy lazy employment opportunity, sit at home and do nothing i.e. work at home and then directing you to a website where you are asked to sign up for something, use your credit card, or input personal information such as your email address, open a bank account, become a secret shopper, or an award winnings which targets the elderly, worse of all a program that promises you riches……
One need to exercise good judgment when they encounter one of these bogus job opportunity. These scammers are pros…. professionals with army of Attorneys and accomplices i.e. helpers. They do not operate alone. Getting involve or associated with these criminals is getting yourself into a whole lots of headaches. They prey on your weakness of being unemployed and desperate. They are out there in search of vulnerable individuals.
What we at scamFRAUDalert have observed over the years is that the less education one has, the more likely they will get involve with these CROOKS – scammers. BE VILIGANT FOLKS, CAREFUL ONLINE…….

IP Address: (
IP Address Country:  Uruguay
IP Continent:  South America
IP Address City Location:  Montevideo
IP Address Region:  Montevideo
IP Address Latitude:  -34.8581,
IP Address Longtitude:  -56.1708
Organization:  Administracion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones

IP Address: (
IP Address Country:  United States
IP Continent:  North America
IP Address City Location:  Raleigh
IP Address Region:  North Carolina
IP Address Latitude:  35.7721,
IP Address Longtitude:  -78.6386
Organization:  Road Runner

We have an excellent opportunity for an apprentice applicant to join a rapidly expanding company.
An at home Key Account Manager Position (Ref: 94893-819/1HR) is a great opportunity for stay at home parents or anyone who wants to work in the comfort of their own home.
This is a genuine offer and not to be confused with scams!
The successful candidate must have the ability to handle calls efficiently whilst maintaining the highest levels of customer service and being courteous.
Applicants must have an excellent telephone manner, have a friendly approach, excellent communication skills and be computer literate.
You must have the ability to type and talk at the same time to customers,
as you will be taking customer details over the phone and inputting data onto company database.
Requirements: computer with Internet access, valid email address, good typing skills.
If you fit the above description and meet the requirements, please apply to this ad stating your location.
You will be processing orders from your computer. How much you earn is up to you.
The average is in the region of US$600- US$750.00 per week, depending on whether you work full or part time.
If you would like more information, please contact us stating where you are located and our job reference number – 94893-819/1HR.
Please only SERIOUS applicants.
Our contacts:
Thank You!

Registrant details for the domain are no doubt fake:
Helen R. Espinoza
Helen Espinoza
413-845-0684 fax: 413-845-0331
3093 Trouser Leg Road
Springfield MA 01103
The domain is registered through scam-friendly Chinese registrar BIZCN.COM, Inc.
Nameservers are: ( (
The is registered to Barnes and Noble in the US. Is there a compromised server here? It’s hard to be certain.
The following IPs and domains all seem to be connected:


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  1. THEReporter says:

    Email Header Analysis
    IP Address: (
    IP Address Country: United States
    IP Continent: North America
    IP Address City Location: Columbus
    IP Address Region: Ohio
    IP Address Latitude: 39.9612,
    IP Address Longtitude: -82.9988
    Organization: DoD Network Information Center


    Large international holding company is looking for regional representatives in USA.
    We offer a wonderful opportunity for those who want to earn up to an extra 2000 – 3000 USD per month.

    Regional Representative will act as an intermediary between the client located in the US and the office headquartered in Europe.

    If you would like to work in our glorious company, please do not hesitate and apply directly for this vacancy.
    Please also note that number of vacancies is limited. Currently we have 45 positions available.
    But even if the number of vacancies is limited, we are always very interested in qualified personnel.

    We sincere apologize for direct emailing.
    Please send the request to my email and I will answer you personally within 2 working days.

    Best wishes,
    HR Manager

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