Department of Law and Investigation

So I get a call at work with a message from my boss that an Eric Clark from Department of Law and Investigation has called and that I need to give them a call back immediate.

I called the number and ask for the guy who left the message with my boss and I was told he wasn’t available at the time but Justin…not sure of last name…whom had a middle eastern accent and was very hard to understand…asked if I had an attorney he could contact that was representing me with my financial problems…when I said I didn’t customer I didn’t know i was having them he reply.Oh No well this is a really serious matter your being sued for fraud from a loan u required online of 12 thousand dollars..he then stated he needed to verify some information…asked me if my name was ^&%$$% and if my last four ss# was (*&^ and so on.

When I asked why I was being sued and whom by he said only from a loan i had borrowed. I told him I didn’t borrow a loan only had looked into one he stated well u are going to have to go to court and prove it or u need to pay within two days or u will be sent to jail for fraud.

I told him I wanted to know why I haven’t had any papers served to me legally and he got mad and started yelling…why would we be calling u and making this up. This is a very serious matter.

The scarey part is he knows my bank number and the last 4 digits of my ss# and even had the audacity to leave messages on my phone with that information which i have saved on my phone. I work in a Nursing Home as a CNA and my job could be on the line for something like this considering they are harassing them too. Does anyone know of who i can contact regarding this matter or what i need to do to stop the harassing calls?

I am truly worried about my career here this isn’t a matter to take lightly… this happened on Aug 23 2011.

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