Daily Income Career Network

I was searching for a job and came across a link that led to a website titled Daily Income Career Network. I already believed this was a scam from the very start because most jobs that involve working from home do not offer a lot of pay. I gave the necessary information: Name, Email, and Phone Number and watched the video provided on the site.

The individual explaining how the program work had given off red flags about what this program is intended to do. Most importantly, he indicates that you are suppose to provide credit card information. He also stressed that any potential employees should be honest about the credit card information as well as repeatedly stating that this job is not a scam.

I am desperately seeking a job at the moment and feel that anyone out there who is looking to make money should avoid this. Stay away from this scam and keep looking, there are honest jobs available that will pay you more than the nothing that you will get from this. The advertisement for this job was originally discovered on CNNmoney.com.

There are multiple advertisements on craiglist as well so job search carefully :D.


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