AppleOne Warns JobSeeker About Alec Difrawi Business Practices

Craigslist Ads Redirecting to the Web Site JobNab

We have had reports of ads posted to Craigslist claiming to be posted by or on behalf of AppleOne. When clicking through the apply link, you are redirected to a web site called JobNab. We are not affiliated with JobNab and have asked them to stop pretending to post on our behalf. We do not know what they will do with information you provide in their registration process, but urge caution. If you’d like to apply for any ApppleOne ad, you can start the online application process on our web site here: Apply to AppleOne Today.

AppleOne Will Not Ask You to Complete a Credit Report Prior to Your Interview

We have received reports of a new fraudulent advertiser who is using AppleOne’s name, as well as other major employment services, to lend credibility to their scams. Individuals who respond to their ads (on Craigslist and other sites) are directed to a third party site to complete a credit report prior to interview. Providing the information requested on that site may give these people everything they need to steal your identity, so we recommend caution. To protect yourself, please speak with somebody in one of our branch offices to be sure you are really dealing with AppleOne before providing any information that could be used to steal your identity.

AppleOne Does Not Charge Applicants To Find Work, and We Will Not Ask For Your Credit Card Number Before Working With You.

A new scam has been reported in which somebody calls claiming that they are a representative of AppleOne and that they have a few job opportunities. All they need to get started is a credit card number so they can send an enrollment packet. This person is NOT a representative of AppleOne and AppleOne will NOT ask you for a credit card in order to work with you. We never charge a fee to the applicant.

If you think you may have been a victim of this scam, please contact your local law enforcement agency and credit card companies with the details.

Customer Service Evaluator Check Cashing Fraud Alert

  • If you are in possession of a check sent by someone claiming to be from AppleOne then it’s a scam to defraud you.
  • AppleOne does not send unsolicited checks nor offer mystery shopper jobs.
  • If you are a job seeker AppleOne requires you apply online at AppleOne.Com or at a local branch office.

We have identified a scam in which criminals pretending to be from AppleOne are sending people checks and asking them to cash the checks and then return the money via Western Union. This is not a genuine AppleOne job. The people sending these checks are NOT affiliated with AppleOne in any way, and the checks are not real. If you attempt to cash the check it will bounce and you will have been defrauded of any funds you returned to the con artists via Western Union or any other means.

If you ever receive anything you’re unsure of that seems to come from AppleOne, feel free to contact your local branch office to check on the veracity of the materials. If you have received one of these fraudulent checks, please contact your local law enforcement agency with the details. You might also consider contacting the FTC.


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