Alec Difrawi aka Alec Defrawy aka Ayman A. El-Difrawi and his affiliated companies such as Softrock, Inc.,, Career Network, JobNab, OMG Talent, MonkeyJar, Internet Solutions Corporation owns thousand of domains that he uses to market Career Education or Higher Education to US Veterans and other unsuspecting job seekers.

From what we’ve researched over the years, Mr. Difrawi crave for notoriety. He portrays himself larger than life and sustain his operations based on his family wealth.
He advertises Administrative Assistants, Medical Assistant, Dental Assistants, Skilled Labor Careers, Criminal Justice Jobs, Homeland Security Jobs, Court Career Jobs, Warehouse Jobs, Accounting Jobs, Criminal Justice Jobs, Jobs For Veterans,Supervisor jobs
medical Careers Online,Maintenance Worker, Medical and Fitness Trainer, Medical Billing and Coding to name a few paying thousands more than the average pay rate.

In short, Alec Difrawi is a Career Education Sales Marketer, a Model Talent Search marketer and a business franchises marketer. These are his core online businesses along with his family assets of construction and real estates holdings associated with Expand Incorporated a minority contractor for the Department of Defense.

Mr. Difrawi his related companies, his and related websites must tell job seekers on each page of each website what it is he advertising. That the job they are applying for is an opportunity for career college higher education training.

Received a call from this organization at 8:42AM, this morning. Turns out, someone else filled out a ‘fake’ number on a form, which just so happened to be my cellphone. I found the following opt-out information under the ‘’ privacy link located on their webpage:

Opt-Out information:
by phone: (718) 761-4800
by email: -or-
by postal mail at: 1200 South Ave., #202, Staten Island, NY 10314

I called. They have an interactive voice menu. There is no option for ‘opt-out’ other than to just listen to the whole message and wait for an operator. Even with that, it took less than 2 minutes to have my number removed from their system.
Call Type: Telemarketer

I was on the Michigan Works Job site last nite and they (findtherightjob) had jobs at the V.A. Hospital posted so I went to there web site and TAAADAAA! No such job opening. I found that out after I filled out the phone # and other info about me. And my cell phone wakes me up this morn. Didn’t know the numba so I didn’t answer. But the first thing that came to mined was….last nite….cell #. I type the numba in a search and that brought me here.

I best call Michigan Works Job site.


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