aka Alec Difrawi Education Recruitment

Alec Difrawi aka Alec Defrawy aka Ayman A. El-Difrawi and his affiliated companies such as Softrock, Inc.,, Career Network, JobNab, OMG Talent, MonkeyJar, Internet Solutions Corporation owns thousand of domains that he uses to market Career Education or Higher Education to US Veterans and other unsuspecting job seekers.

From what we’ve researched over the years, Mr. Difrawi crave for notoriety. He portrays himself larger than life and sustain his operations based on his family wealth.
He advertises Administrative Assistants, Medical Assistant, Dental Assistants, Skilled Labor Careers, Criminal Justice Jobs, Homeland Security Jobs, Court Career Jobs, Warehouse Jobs, Accounting Jobs, Criminal Justice Jobs, Jobs For Veterans,Supervisor jobs
medical Careers Online,Maintenance Worker, Medical and Fitness Trainer, Medical Billing and Coding to name a few paying thousands more than the average pay rate.

In short, Alec Difrawi is a Career Education Sales Marketer, a Model Talent Search marketer and a business franchises marketer. These are his core online businesses along with his family assets of construction and real estates holdings associated with Expand Incorporated a minority contractor for the Department of Defense.

Mr. Difrawi his related companies, his and related websites must tell job seekers on each page of each website what it is he advertising. That the job they are applying for is an opportunity for career college higher education training.

I applied for a position via Career Network and received the response below. When I followed their instructions, I could only access questions of use to University of Phoenix in student recruitment. After providing much information, you reach a point where you can go no further (supposedly to get the job information) without checking a box that allows U. of Phoenix to contact you. I sent an email inquiry about this to “Jill Martin” at Career Network and received no response.

Following is Career Network’s email to me:

Your recent application for the XXXXX position with Best Jobs Ever has been reviewed by our Human Resources Department. Upon reviewing your application it was determined that you meet the initial requirements mandated for this position. I would be pleased to recommend you as a potential candidate for this position.

If you still wish to be considered for this position you may visit the website at the following address:

When you view the opening page of the application you will see a prompt to login. The following username and password may be used to login:

Please take a moment to verify any information that we currently have on record. You may be asked to supply additional information that will be used to help speed along the final hiring process. After our Human Resources Department has received the final completed application you will be contacted to schedule a personal interview.

Best Regards,
Jill Martin Human Resources

Career Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 618305
Orlando, Florida 32861-8305

Madison, Wisconsin


3 thoughts on “ aka Alec Difrawi Education Recruitment

  1. Naime says:

    I have contacted Craig’sList about this US Government Jobs ad for a Federal Security, but they have yet to take Nationwide Employment Solutions off their site. I will contact the FBI about this fake listing for US Federal employment but in the mean time — BEWARE!!!!!

    Here’s what happens:
    (1) You will answer the ad by e-mail,
    (2) Someone will get back to you via e-mail asking you to go to a site whereby you are asked to fill out an application a a bogus “Chattanooga jobs” site (it looks legitimate) –it will ask you if you are interested in furthering your education if you are selected for this government position (it is worded in such a way that you really can’t click an outright “no,”
    (3) then you are redirected to a educational recruitment site representing private business and vocational colleges,
    (4) when you try to click away from the site, it will not let you (just like porn sites).
    (5) They will call you ( their number: 877-789-9861) to try to high-pressure you into enrolling offering you grants and loans.

    Companies like this get a cut off of your loans or even offer you these loans at horrible interest rates not found at usual student loans. The “pick’ns” are unbelievably good for they can get your money again and again and you can’t ever stop paying them until pay off whatever they set.

    If you sign up, you usually end up not finishing these overpriced private (some not accredited) colleges and vocational schools, but then own thousands of dollars in student loans. Remember, you can’t go bankrupt on three things (a) taxes to the government, (b) child support, and (c) student loans which can haunt you until you die!!!! BEWARE!!!!!

    Don’t fall into the trap of them waving $$$$ in the form of student loans for it is a lethal financial trap ready to hunt you to earth!!!!!!

    I’ve also done a search on this company and they hit Craigslist, CareerBuilder, Workforce Commission under the guise of an contractor for the federal government or an employment agency.

  2. THEReporter says:

    I was redirected from a advertisement for an Animal Hospital Receptionist position to to apply. The job promised great pay and benefits and I was pretty excited. They asked for a few pieces of information including email address, full name, address, and phone number.

    Next thing I know it is telling me that I have to receive a phone call to continue applying. The phone call consisted of some verification of information, and then wahla a sales pitch about going back to school. Even after I informed them that I could never afford it right now, they continued. I was then told I needed to wait for an email that I would receive within 24 hours.

    I received the email and was again redirected to the website to login, then verify the information again. I was starting to get suspicious and looked all over online but couldn’t find anything directly related to During this investigation I went back to I originally started at) and searched for the same position only to find the same generic job ad listed all over the country.

    I looked on the website of for a contact number but was unable to find one so I just called the one where they previously called me from. I talked to a representative who could only say that “they represent thousands of companies and were not a scam.”

    Then I got the bright idea to call all the area animal hospitals and see if there was actually any openings. NONE of them had any idea about any job opening so I called the company back. I then informed the lady “L” of what I felt was happening. She explained her job was just to verify information to sign up and she had no idea about any of what I was saying.

    I then informed her that I felt she was good hearted and if she really was she would quit because her job is perpetuating a huge scam. I told her everything and she insisted she would be questioning her manager about it all. Who knows if she was really serious or not?

    The website is a SCAM. Do NOT give them any information nor tolerate their fake interest in finding you a job. Hopefully someone will see this before they give their information.

    I also looked through their privacy policy and it is riddled with stuff like we give your information to 3rd parties to contact you about offers etc so don’t get sucked into this promise of good paying jobs.


  3. THEReporter says:

    8th of Sep, 2011 by Nora Starks 0 Votes

    I live in Fort Lauderdale and was contacted via email by Grant Williams with who found my resume on

    I clicked on the website it asked if I was over 18 years old, Mrs. or Ms, and for a cell phone number as well as if I was a US Citizen. I was then prompted to call 888-595-6242 to discuss an Human Resources position. I asked the young lady where the job was specifically and she responded that it was within 25 miles of my home and since they have had a great response they don’t want people showing up at their door. (Red Flag) Also they verified the info on the questionnaire then asked if I wanted to get a free cell phone I said no.

    Then she said would you like to win $500. to take a survey on the current unemployment situation, I said no. She replied someone with be in touch for the next round of interviews and shortly thereafter I received an email from a Brianne Reagan to answer more questions before they make a final decision.

    Final Red Flag, so here I am googling this company to see if they are legit and so glad this website came up 2nd from the top.

    Hope this prevents others from giving out anymore info.

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