aka Alec Difrawi – Education Sales Representative

Alec Difrawi aka Alec Defrawy aka Ayman A. El-Difrawi and his affiliated companies such as Career Network, JobNab, OMG Talent, MonkeyJar, Internet Solutions Corporation owns thousands of domains that he uses to market Career Education or Higher Education to Gulf War Veterans and other unsuspecting job seekers.

In short, Alec Difrawi is a Career Education Sales Markerter, a Model Talent Search marketer and a business franchises marketer.These are his core online businesses

Education Sales Representatives – (US-FL-Orlando – 32899)

Compensation: $35K – $50K / Year
Minimum Education: High School
Job Type: Full Time
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We are looking for an Education Advisor with a strong work ethic in a fast-paced office environment. Position will involve matching individuals interested in starting or completing their college degrees with the right schools.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
Superior communications skills Phone experience helpful
Professional attitude
Excellent multitasking skills

Benefits of working here:
Senior Salary Incentives range from $60k – $90k annually
Starting Salary Incentives range from $35k – $50k annually
Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Paid Leave (12 days per year)
Paid Holidays (7 days per year)
Rapid Advancement Opportunities

For immediate consideration, apply now.

To apply, please visit our site at: .cfm?jobpositionid=58&src=16

Mel Ginright
1701 Park Center Dr
Orlando, FL 32835
Phone: 407-406-5894

Here is a rundown of what happens. You attend the “interview” where they basically tell you what you’ll be doing. But, they don’t really tell you what you’ll really be doing. Here is what I ended up doing. I posted ads on job websites and Craigslist for jobs that The Internet Company provided to me. They gave all the information. I just had to type up an ad and tell the potential employees to email a fake address that I was told to make. Once the email was received I typed a nice little reply with a link attached. They clicked the link and I went on with my life.

Here is how payment worked, on the “job” link that I sent them to, there is a question at the bottom, “Are you interested in information about college?” If they clicked “yes” or “maybe” I got points that went towards my payment. If they clicked “no” then I got nothing. Harmless seeming really. So, here I am spending 6 hours a day replying to these emails and getting some very rude replies in return on occasion.

I got a call one day from an 800 number. I answered and they were talking about a job ad I had responded to in my area. They wouldn’t give me company information, they just collected some basic stuff about me and asked some other questions. Then this happened, “Are you interested in information about college?” I made the connection instantly. The person on the phone was doing the same job I was doing except she was on the phone.

The Internet Company isn’t offering this poor economy jobs, they are instead offering colleges potential leads and providing these colleges with the victim’s personal information and who knows who else gets this information. So, I was unwittingly hurting these people while busting my butt for nothing. I left immediately. I added up my earnings and I’d made about $5.65 for a week of work 7 days a week for 6 hours a day.

I got emails for a couple of months from their “accounting” saying they had my check but the incorrect address, oddly enough they never had the correct address even when it was given to them. They finally stopped emailing.

Date Title Location Company Compensation
Jun 28 Part time Janitorial Associate US-FL-Orlando SoftRock $10.00 – $10.00 / Hour
Jun 22 Programmer US-FL-Orlando SoftRock
Jun 22 Database Administrator US-FL-Orlando SoftRock
Jun 22 Part time Copywriter US-FL-Orlando SoftRock $10.00 – $10.00 / Hour
Jun 22 Scout US-FL-Orlando SoftRock $15.00 – $20.00 / Hour
Jun 22 Education Sales Representatives US-FL-Orlando SoftRock $35K – $50K / Year
Jun 22 Customer Service Representatives US-FL-Orlando SoftRock $26K – $35K / Year
Jun 22 Call Center Representative US-FL-Orlando SoftRock $35K – $50K / Year
Jun 22 Administrative Assistant US-FL-Orlando SoftRock $26K – $35K / Year

Verification Representative
Apply Now
Company: Softrock
Location: Florida
Date Posted: April 04, 2011

Position Description: The Verification Representative is responsible for speaking with candidates who have applied for jobs within our client network. Verification Representatives screen incoming applications and ensure their information is accurate. Because of our extensive employer client base, the Verification Representative is essential to the success of our organization as a whole. You will be asking the candidates questions to ensure accuracy so great customer service skills are necessary. Qualifications: Candidates should have strong interpersonal skills, phone and organizational skills, and the ability to carry a positive and professional demeanor at all times. Being organized, friendly and reliable are also key to your success. Benefits: $9.00 to $12.00 per hour based on…
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