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The Purpose of this post is to ALERT you that the job you are about to apply for or may have applied For or is CONSIDERING APPLYING FOR is FRAUDULENT. These job postings are an attempt to lure you into cashing counterfeit checks and have you wire funds via Western Union or MoneyGram. Essentially You Become A Money or RePackage Mule.

Understanding The Cyber Theft Ring  
 Money Mule Explained by Brian Kerbs
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craigslist warning

Scammers reinvent themselves. Today, these hard core career criminals have become affiliate marketers or just plain outright scammers

These affiliate scammers are posting bogus ads promising (nonexistent!) employment, paid research trials, or other compensation, but then notifying repliers that they’ll need to jump through a hoop first, directing job seekers to a host of deplorable tactics as listed below:

all in hopes of earning affiliate marketing commissions or otherwise profiting at the expense of persons seeking employment.

There are lots of variations on these scams, but each generally involves dangling (nonexistent!) compensation, easy lazy employment opportunity, sit at home and do nothing i.e. work at home and then directing you to a website where you are asked to sign up for something, use your credit card, or input personal information such as your email address, open a bank account, become a secret shopper, or an award winnings which targets the elderly, worse of all a program that promises you riches……

One need to exercise good judgment when they encounter one of these bogus job opportunity. These scammers are pros…. professionals with army of Attorneys and accomplices i.e. helpers. They do not operate alone. Getting involve or associated with these criminals is getting yourself into a whole lots of headaches. They prey on your weakness of being unemployed and desperate. They are out there in search of vulnerable individuals.

What we at scamFRAUDalert have observed over the years is that the less education one has, the more likely they will get involve with these CROOKS – scammers. BE VILIGANT FOLKS, CAREFUL ONLINE…….

Disclaimer: The original source is from with some modifications based on years of scamFRAUDalert researched and warning job seekers against bogus job postings online.
PLEASE NOTE THAT not all affiliate marketers are scammers.

Dear ScamFRAUDAlert,

After reviewing your CV posted at the website, we suppose that you are an ideal candidate for an Financial Forwarding Coordinator position in our corporation.

Exciting and New reputable art promoting enterprise established and headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company mainly deals with providing commercial communication services for art lovers and art patrons and to the artists and art item owners.

The position we are offering is a part-time job, with a flexible schedule. This jobs requires a commitment of 2 to 3 hours a day, from your home in a telecommuting capacity, in which you stay in contact and receive all your tasks on-line.

NOTE: 24/5 internet access is needed.

We cover all expenses–there is no need to invest your own money. We DO NOT require you to pay any start-up fees.

Once the employment contract is signed, you’ll be employed for an initial training period of one month. During this time, you’ll receive all the necessary instructions and training from your supervisor. One week before the training period ends, your supervisor will be making his or her decision, regarding whether your performance has been satisfactory enough to offer full time employment.

During the probationary period you will be paid 1,500 pounds, which is paid on the last business day of probationary period. Total income, considering the current volume of clients, will be up to 3000 GBP per month. After you successfully pass the training period, your base salary will be increased up to 1800 GBP per month.

If you would like to learn more about this position, please email us your contact information at
Our HR Managers will help you to apply.

Sincerely yours,

Neil Bright


Here is more information about the job position with INFINITE ART LLC.

Our company creates a free trade market for artists and enthusiasts. Managing sales and product delivery makes us an outstanding corporation.

The position being offered is for Financial Forwarding Coordinator.

For the most part what the job requires is for someone to be available Monday through Friday, 9 to 11 am. Your main job would be monitoring your on-line Task Manager, which you’ll create on our site once you’re employed. Once the funds enter your account, your supervisor will notify you and assign you your tasks for the day. At this point you would go to your bank, withdraw the funds and transfer them using Western Union or Money Gram, as instructed by your supervisor. We provide quick, easy, efficient and secure ways for businesses to out source services locally, nationally and globally to maximize their competitive advantage and cost effectiveness.

You would always be aware of where the funds are coming from and where they are going. In today’s world of commerce, especially with our international clients, making regular wire transfers using international banks could take up to 15 days, which is not an acceptable form of payment to our clients.

Base salary 1,500 pounds is paid at the end of probationary period (Once employed on the regular basis, base salary 1,800 pounds is paid on the last business day of the month) via wire transfer to your bank account. Commission 8 should be deducted from money received. Your commission will be deposited along with every transfer. We will let you know how much of the amount deposited is your commission and how much needs to be transferred, all fees are paid from money received.

Job requirements:
– Minimum 18 y.o.;
– constant internet access;
– home or mobile phone number;
– regular bank account (checking/savings)

Employment benefits (upon completion of 30 days trial period):
– Paid holidays;
– Dental and Health;
– Professional development programs

Refer to the links below for additional information:
Frequently Asked Question:

Key points:
– No investment of funds on your part;
– Not a sales position, base pay along with commission is guaranteed;

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone number listed below, also if you are ready to apply, let me know, so we can get started with registration process.

We appreciate your time and sincerely hope to see you in INFINITE ART LLC team!

Best Regards,

Neil Bright
Hiring Coordinator,
Human Resources

Hello Abigail,

Thank you for being honest with us.

You need bank account because this job is considered to be an Independent Contractor position, we require Financial Forwarding Coordinator
to use their own account during their probationary period. Once employed on regular basis we will provide you with a bank account
through our company. If you feel more comfortable with opening up a separate account for the job use only, please do so, it will be
much easier to manage and keep record of incoming funds.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Notify me by e-mail if you decide to apply and I’ll send you all of the necessary application forms.

Best regards,

Neil Bright
Hiring Coordinator,
Human Resources


Hello Abigail,

We appreciate your decision to join our company. Financial Forwarding Coordinator is on-line, home based position. There is no formal Interview process for this position and most of communication is done on-line.

You will be hired on a trial basis (1 month). During this period you will be trained and receive online support while working and being paid. Please note that personal supervisor can recommend termination during/after the trial period, depending on agent’s activity. New employee should be responsible and strictly follow supervisor’s recommendations to pass the Probationary Period successfully and be employed on regular basis.

In order to secure the position and get started with probationary period, you need to create a Task Manager Account.

Please follow the link to register on company website and create a Task Manager Account:

For prompt and correct use of all of the online functions, please refer to the online account manual at

NOTE: As you will be receiving bank transfers for our international clients, please provide your bank essentials. To avoid unnecessary problems, please be very careful while completing this form.

During the registration, please familiarize yourself with all the clauses of the Contract, if you agree, click on sign the contract.

The contract comes into effect since the moment of your Task Manager account activation. We would like to mention that electronic form of the Contract has the same validity as the contract signed personally by both parties.

We guarantee complete privacy of your personal data and would like to emphasize that our company strictly carries out its commitments as regards to private information and confidentiality of private and business information protection. We make use of reliable means of physical, electronic and administrative security with the view of protection of private information entrusted to us.

You will find detailed information on this matter in our Policy on Private Information Security following the link:

Once registration is complete, please make sure that you have uploaded or faxed us some proof of your current address, preferably a copy of your DL or a copy of any resent Utility Bill or a Bank Statement.

We required this paperwork for background check. Due to company policy we use background check as a means of objectively evaluating a job candidate’s qualifications.

If you’re unable to upload the documents into Task Manager account please use fax. Here is the number: +44 0208 123 7061

Once I receive all of the required information from you, it will take me about 1-4 business days to activate your account and assign you a personal supervisor.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,

Neil Bright
Hiring Coordinator,
Human Resources


Address lookup
canonical name

Domain Whois record

Queried with “dom”…

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS1.MLSSNS.SU
Name Server: NS2.HOSTE.SU
Name Server: NS3.NSDOM.SU
Status: ok
Updated Date: 03-jan-2012
Creation Date: 03-jan-2012
Expiration Date: 03-jan-2013

>>> Last update of whois database: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 20:19:02 UTC <<<
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Created On: 1/3/2012 6:58:01 PM
Expires On: 1/3/2013 6:58:01 PM
Last Updated On: 1/3/2012 6:58:01 PM
Domain Status:

Registrant [PAK12010361878-1]:
Genoveffa Sagese
Via Santa Lucia 72
Fratta Todina, PG 06054
Phone: 39.03597061 Ext:
Fax: 1.

Administrative Contact [PAK12010361878-2]:
Genoveffa Sagese
Via Santa Lucia 72
Fratta Todina, PG 06054
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Billing Contact [PAK12010361878-4]:
Genoveffa Sagese
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Technical Contact [PAK12010361878-3]:
Genoveffa Sagese
Via Santa Lucia 72
Fratta Todina, PG 06054
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Fax: 1.

Domain servers in listed order:
———————————————————————AKNIC Whois Version 1.4 1/28/2012 8:19:34 PM
Network Whois record

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Information related to ‘ –’

inetnum: –
netname: DOMINANT-968946
descr: Dominant Plius Joint Stock Company
country: LT
admin-c: DPA28-RIPE
tech-c: SR614-RIPE
mnt-lower: NETDIRECT-MNT
mnt-routes: NETDIRECT-MNT
changed: 20100716
source: RIPE

person: Dominant Plius Administrator
address: UAB “Dominant Plius”
address: p.d. 52
address: 31003 Visaginas
address: Lithuania
phone: +370 520 590 96
fax-no: +370 520 590 96
nic-hdl: DPA28-RIPE
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person: Simon Roehl
address: Leaseweb Germany GmbH (previously netdirekt e. K.)
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Kleyer Strasse 79 / Tor 14
60326 Frankfurt
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admin-c: SR614-RIPE
admin-c: WW200-RIPE
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name class type data time to live IN NS 120s (00:02:00) IN MX
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120s (00:02:00) IN NS 120s (00:02:00) IN A 120s (00:02:00) IN NS 120s (00:02:00) IN SOA
serial: 39
refresh: 300
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120s (00:02:00) IN SOA
serial: 11030900
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100000s (1.03:46:40) IN NS 100000s (1.03:46:40) IN NS 100000s (1.03:46:40) IN PTR 178-162-183-246.local 100000s (1.03:46:40)
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