TVI Express – Travel Venture International

Is TVI Express a scam? Is this TVI Express scam REALLY one of the biggest ponzi schemes, pyramids, or network marketing scams of the decade?

Can someone really make 10 grand by only getting two people?

How can TVI Express afford to send thousands of people on expense paid trips around the world simply by joining?

These were the kind of questions I was asking about TVI Express because frankly I thought it was the biggest freakin’ scam I had ever seen. But just like any smart business person I decided to do my research and see exactly what kind of dirt I could dig up about the TVI Express Scam.

In the following article you are going to learn a TON about who TVI REALLY is and why they have been breaking so many records.

Travel Ventures International – Secret Scam?

The first thing that had to be figured out was did TVI Express has any credibility and if they did where did it come from? Otherwise TVI Express would undoubtedly be a scam.

What research showed was that every single major travel company that TVI “claims” to be doing business with was actually backing them up 100%. That was a major green light because no international travel company would put their business and their reputation on the line for TVI if they weren’t a legitimate company.

Now you can breathe a little bit easier.

Next one the plate would be the companies comp plan. But lets put that to a real test. How in the heck are they able to pay out $10,000 to someone just for getting 2 measly people?

At first this threw up a MAJOR red flag but once the actual volume of numbers and amount of money was understood it became perfectly clear how it was not only possible, but reality.

Here’s a quick break down.

When you come into TVI Express it costs $250. Then all you have to do is get two people to join under you and you’re set. Once you have those two people you are then put into a revolving matrix which ‘pushes’ you up to the top position from the MASSIVE spillover. Once you cycle out of that position you make a commission.

The first commission is $500 and the second one is $10,000. And $10,000 again every time after that. Meaning you will receive 10K over and over each time you cycle out of what TVI Express calls the Express Board.

It takes awhile for the structure of the comp plan to sink in but once it does the potential you’ll see here becomes incredible.

But the real genius part of the plan is this. You could join TVI Express, sponsor two people and not do another thing and eventually you will cycle out of the Express Board and hit 10K. It would just take longer this way.

Could TVI Express Equal Success? Or Is It Scam City?

One of the most determining factors in the success of any Network Marketing or MLM company is the way you choose to market that specific opportunity. With TVI Express it is not different. If you do not have a marketing plan then you don’t have a business.

At this point in time is should be obvious that leveraging the Internet is the absolute best way to generate leads for your business to say the least. The best way to do that is by creating ads that drive traffic to a capture page.

A capture page is simply a way to ‘capture’ your prospects information so that you can call them back, email them, or however you choose. But the idea is that you now have their information so that you can market to them for the rest of time.

This is an area where you usually see MLM companies fall completely short. In fact, most MLM companies don’t even support online marketing. This is where TVI is different.

TVI Express is one of the ONLY companies that gives you a capture page right on the replicated site once you join. This is by far the most powerful tool you could ever have when building a business online. And TVI Express gives it to you as part of your business.

What TVI Express Won’t Tell You

What TVI Express doesn’t want you to know is you will not become wealthy simply by promoting this company. While you may make some serious income, none of it will be long term if you don’t learn TRUE marketing skills and techniques.

You need to be building a list of targeted prospects every single day. You need to have more fresh leads pouring into your inbox than you can even handle. You need to be implementing systems that will automate your marketing.

You will honestly be shocked and amazed at how easy it is to create wealth online and become a top money earner in TVI Express and this industry when you are privy to the marketing secrets, knowledge, and systems that the vast majority of our industry will simply just never know about.

TVI Express Secrets Revealed

This is one of those things where if you don’t take the time to look at this you will seriously be kicking your own ass later on…

Great Links About Internet Marketing

I was informed today by a friend of mine who was also in TVI that he is in contact with 2 FBI agents of whom are part of a investigation to seek civil and criminal charges against those still actively promoting TVI. TVI announced that March 1 would be the launch of the booking for our 7 day vacations. That date came and passed and our vacations are still not here. TVI is now officially a ponzi scheme since there is no actual product of value we get for our money.

Apparently, anyone still recruiting knowing that there are no vacations (product of value) can be held liable and spend upto 4 years in prison. They are following the complaints and going up the ladder to anyone who is still actively organizing their groups and recruiting. If you have been recruiting for TVI since March 1, you could be held accountable for knowingly participating in a ponzi scheme. I’m just passing this news along.

Contact me if you want more details and I will put you in contact with the guy who knows first hand what’s going on and has info direct from the Bureau.

There is no reason to continue with TVI because it’s like building your house on the sand. It’s going to sink eventually.

All the best!
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