Who’s Calling From 214-705-3703

Telemarketers calling consumer repeatedly.
I received calls from 214-705-3703 on my cell phone non-stop yesterday and 5 calls today between 10am – 6pm. I have not answered it because I don’t know the number. They never leave a message. From what I see this is a baby website. I’m expecting however have not signed up for anything! Now that I’m aware of who this is I will be answering the next call to tell them it’s in their best interest to stop calling me!!

ACS Law Firm or ACS Debt Collection

Consumers are complaining about ACS Law Firm or ACS Debt Collection or ACS Department Services. The complaint range from harassment and threats. ScamFraudAlert.com have complied some of the numbers being used.

I have been receiving numerous calls from ACS a lady with a very thick Indian accent leaving threaten phone message. Stating if I do not return her call I will be in big trouble and she wish me luck. What kind of law firm does that. None that I know of, they might sy its urgent that you return the call bur they dont have you believe tht you are in grave danger. I finally was able to speak to someone after continually calling back the number 1-716-442-2824 and a man answer with a thick accent stating he was an attorney and that I owed a payday loan from a comapny from Nov 2008. I asked him to provide documents and he stated he could not until the loan was paid off. He also stated that the original loan was $350 but now it is $1113.00. I told him I dont remember having and outstanding bill for that amount and if he could send me something showing a breakdown, he stated no the law do not allow him to do so, then I asked him for the number for the loan co, he stated he could connect me but could not give me the number and got angry when I asked for it. I have never heard of such a thing cannot provide documents. and when I continued to ask him for there number he got angry. But insisted that if I dont pay I will have to pay a larger amount. Then I said I would obtain the number and for him to call me back on friday, that I am going to have to check this out and confer with my attorney her got even more angry. This is rediculous and it should be away to stop this from occuring. He just kept on saying that I need to pay this today then he will send me something showing that I owe this. That is backwards…….

I got a call today at work telling me that I owed $350.00and if I didn’t pay it right now with my debit card that I was going to be in trouble. I told them that I didn’t have a debit card and they said you are lying you have a debit card and you have to pay this or I am going to have to go to court and I will lose and then have to pay $5000.00. This is a scam and I hope they get caught. There was a guy that called me and then a lady got on the phone, said her name was Kathy Watson (she had bad english)and the number she gave me was (646)918-5986! Thanks for this website for assuring me that it was a scam, but I dont know what to do because they have my ss# and everything!

Phone Numbers

  1. 858-777-1977
  2. 646-918-5986
  3. 925-402-4903
  4. 347-590-4535
  5. 347-635-5992
  6. 909-744-5418
  7. 707-832-4632
  8. 909-744-5418
  9. 347-625-3719
  10. 409-212-3206
  11. 646-918-5986
  12. 989-497-0580
  13. 303-578-5551
  14. 347-613-2268
  15. 813-434-4611
  16. 716-442-2824
  17. 646-918-5986
  18. (646)918-5986
  19. (347)613-2268
  20. (925)402-4903
  21. 866-677-9460
  22. 714-333-2944
  23. 793-806-2326