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SACRAMENTO — Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today filed a $60 million lawsuit against a pair of Sacramento companies that lured desperate homeowners with a deceptive marketing scheme that promised to obtain mortgage modifications through the use of computer-generated “forensic loan audits.”

“These defendants dangled the term ‘forensic loan audit’ as a sure-fire remedy for the mortgage problems of homeowners in distress,” Brown said. “In fact, it was no remedy at all, and hundreds of desperate California homeowners took the bait and lost their money — and sometimes their homes.”

Brown filed the $60 million lawsuit against US Loan Auditors, My US legal services, and five individuals, including two attorneys, who operate a fraudulent mortgage audit scheme that preys on desperate homeowners anxious to save their homes. The suit demands civil penalties, restitution for victims, and permanent injunctions to keep the companies and other defendants from fraudulently marketing forensic loan audits and legal services of little value.

The companies, based in Rancho Cordova, work together to market and sell “forensic loan audits” to homeowners, who pay thousands of dollars in up-front fees for a dubious computer-generated review of their mortgages. The audits purport to show violations of law by lenders, which sales agents cite to convince homeowners they have a strong legal case. Sales agents use these findings to encourage homeowners to stop making their mortgage payments and instead pay additional fees to bring “predatory lending” lawsuits against their lenders.

Both companies deceive homeowners by assuring them that filing these lawsuits will give them “legal leverage” to obtain a loan modification and prevent lenders from foreclosing or collecting monthly mortgage payments. Homeowners who filed these lawsuits have lost thousands of dollars and placed themselves in greater danger of losing their homes.

My US Legal Services bilks clients for months, filing cookie-cutter complaints with little or no merit, billing unjustified monthly fees, and then dodging clients’ phone calls or stringing them along with false assurances that a settlement is in progress.

Hundreds of California homeowners, many of them facing possible loss of their homes, have been duped into paying thousands of dollars to the two companies — one homeowner paid more than $55,000 — but received little or no relief.

Meanwhile, the litigation mill run by My US Legal Services has littered courts with hundreds of lawsuits that have scant chance of success. Two federal judges have expressed concern about the legitimacy of these lawsuits and have several times sanctioned attorneys involved.

In addition to the companies, Brown is suing the three owners: attorney and real estate broker James Sandison, Jeffrey Pulvino, and Shane Barker, as well as two California attorneys, Sharon L. Lapin and Jonathan G. Stein.

The State Bar filed disciplinary charges yesterday against Sandison for alleged misappropriation of clients’ funds and aiding the unauthorized practice of law.

The Attorney General’s investigation, assisted by the State Bar and the Department of Real Estate, located victims throughout California cities hit hard by the foreclosure crisis: Corning, Fresno, Hayward, Irvine, Manteca, Richmond, Sacramento, Salinas, Sanger, Santa Ana, Stockton, Tracy, Vacaville and West Sacramento.

In February, Brown, along with the Bar and the Department of Real Estate, issued an alert ( News & Alerts – California Dept. of Justice – Office of the Attorney General) warning consumers to be wary of forensic loan audits that require homeowners to pay up-front fees. There is no evidence or statistical data to support claims that forensic loan audits of a lenders’ mortgage practices – even if performed by a licensed mortgage professional or a lawyer — help homeowners obtain loan modifications or any other foreclosure relief.

Brown has led the fight against fraudulent mortgage rescue and loan modification companies. He has obtained court orders to shut down several companies and has brought criminal charges against deceptive loan modification consultants. For more information on Brown’s actions against loan-modification fraud, see: State of California – Department of Justice – Stop Loan Modification Fraud.

If you are a homeowner who has been scammed, you can file a complaint online with the Attorney General’s office at: Consumer Alerts, Information & Complaints – California Dept. of Justice – Office of the Attorney General. You can learn more about avoiding scams and obtain a complaint form by visiting the Department of Real Estate’s website at: Department of Real Estate Home Page.

If you have a complaint against Sandison, Lapin, Stein or any other lawyer involved in a loan modification or foreclosure relief service, contact the State Bar Complaint Hotline at 1-800-843-9053. Complaint forms and an explanation of the attorney discipline system are available online at: The State Bar of California.

Attached are a copy of the complaint and a sample of the fraudulent advertising mailers sent by the companies.

Source: CA Attorney General Office

3 thoughts on “US Loan Auditors, LLC –

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      Why not provide us with a business name and address. Certified Forensic Loan Auditors. There address is listed below:

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      Our research showed that there have been a complaint about Certified Forensic Loan Auditor on below.

      In addition to daily harassing phone calls if you don’t take the course, the course itself is worthless to anyone who actually wants to help homeowners in foreclosure as opposed to those who only wish to sell more courses to more unsuspecting consumers.

      Do not buy their course. It’s a scam. Don’t sell it either, you are being bought off.

      They told me the class was taught by attorneys. In fact, the only attorney that “teaches” is on Monday morning to give the “introduction and welcome” to the class.

      They told me I would be able to negotiate a settlement easily as a non-attorney. I’ve discovered banks won’t listen to anyone without a bar number. If you are not a licensed attorney, they will just put you in a holding pattern doomed for failure.

      They told me I would be given work from their company. Instead they asked me to bring them clients and asked me to sign a “marriage document” of a non-compete.

      They told me to read the testimonials from their former students. They didn’t tell me that others had posted negative material they refused to post on their website, I had to learn that from calling their former students myself.

      They told me they were the only nationally certified school, but there is no such thing as national certification. The only certification I would get would be from another company they themselves had formed to certify their own courses.

      Then I started asking around. They list all their “graduates” on their website, along with their “testimonials”. I started to call them.

      I spoke with one who told me that was founded in January BY CFLA in order to “certify” their students so they could claim national certification by a non-profit company.

      He also said he was unimpressed with the calibur of their teaching, specifically stating the teachers were unable to calculate an APR rate. He said he allowed them to certify him on their website, because why not? He didn’t ask for his money back because he figured he just got scammed and learned his lesson. He is based on Orlando. He struck a deal with them for 10K a month to teach their course for them. Which their sales force will sell for him.

      Andrew Lehman called anyone complaining with an offer of the same deal. He won’t give a refund, it admits guilt. He offered clients to do his audits for him. I refused because his product isn’t worth the paper it’s written on as far as negotiations for the benefit of the homeowner are concerned.

      Mortgage evaluations must be done by an attorney and negotiated by an attorney in order to have any chance of success for the homeowner. Only an attorney doing the examination can comment competently on contract and tort law causes of action a homeowner may have against his or her lender.

  2. Walter D says:

    Good afternoon.
    the reason of my email is becuase my wife,was preyed by this company, before the company went into the problems they have we were assigned a attorney Jeff Yazel who promised us to solve our case. Unfortunally he followed the same patrons the this company and we end it out loosing more than before. and I hope you could replay to my emial as soon as it is possible to seek a way how to obtain justices and stop this kind of people once and for all

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