Hackers Steal Hundreds of Credit Card Numbers from Restaurant Patrons

September 24, The New New Internet – (California)

Hackers steal hundreds of credit-card numbers from restaurant patrons. Visits to several California-based restaurants turned out much more expensive than customers ever imagined. Police in Roseville, California, the week of September 13 revealed that nearly 200 customers had their credit-card numbers stolen after patronizing the eateries. While the police did not reveal which restaurants were affected due to the ongoing investigation, they said the restaurants themselves are not responsible. “We believe the breach is not actually at the restaurant but a third-party vendor that’s in the process between using your credit card at the restaurant and actually billing the bank,” a police captain told 3KCRA. Because of the complexity of the scheme, Roseville police have asked the Secret Service for help catching the criminals.

In Davis, police are dealing with similar issues. They have seen a 50 percent increase in identity thefts. While police will not say where the cards are being copied, they revealed that crooks use them at Target stores in the Bay Area and as far away as Irvine.

Source: http://www.thenewnewinternet.com/2010/09/24/hackers-steal-hundreds-of- credit-card-numbers-from-restaurant-patrons/

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