Baillie Lumber Identity Stolen – Counterfeit Checks Circulating

This is to Alert you that Baillie Lumber of  Hamburg, NY  identity has been stolen. The scammers are issuing counterfeit checks informing consumers of award winnings. If you have been contacted or have received any of those Award Winnings Notification, please disregard them.

I too have received a letter from Advance Financial Settlements L.L.C. stating that I am a second prize winner in a lottery along with a check from Baillie Lumber Co. for $4,190.00.
The check is to be used to pay for processing and taxes on my supposed $150,000.00 prize that I won in a lottery that I never entered. I am to contact a claims agent, Peter Chung at telephone # 778 926 7474 to activate my check and start the claims process. However, I am only to send $3,610.00 of the $4,190.00 to Mary Thomas and Eric Carr, no contact info given.
Multiple fonts on a zerox copied letter. I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night!

Posted by: Michael Walthers

Baillie Lumber Co.
P.O. Box 6
Hamburg, NY 14075 USA
│ (716) 649-2850
│(800) 950-2850

2 thoughts on “Baillie Lumber Identity Stolen – Counterfeit Checks Circulating

  1. Jones says:

    We too received Check Number 511184 dated 08262010 written against Baillie Lumber Co Account with M&T Bank for $4,910.00. Our tax agents names in letter are Robert Johnson and Andy Thomas. Guess we all won 2nd place! Shredding the check now (after looking at it for 4 weeks).

  2. Ric @ ProDude Inc. says:

    I recieved an identical notice on 9/29/2010 with the exception of a point of contact for my allegded Tax Agent’s Gloria Lamb, & Carol Pope. I have no clues to who these people are or what the realy do. Be assured that after reading your comment and prior to writing this comment I shredded the $4,910.00 check that was printed on a Baillie Lumber Co. account from a M&T Bank’s check. Check # 511103.

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