Career Advisor aka Job Nab aka SkilledLaborCareers – 866-927-5206

Job offers as such are nothing more than a marketing ploy or deceptive marketing practices by non other than Ayman Ahmed El-Difrawi (a.k.a “Alec Defrawy, Alec DeFrawey, Ayman El-Difrawi, Michael Difrawi, Michael Jensen, David Mellon, Alan Madison, Alen Madison, Alex Simon, Alec Simon, Alec Siman, David Katz and many more”) was born in 1964 to Ahmed El-Difrawi and Rafia Kashmiri-two Egyptian immigrants who now live in Groveland, Florida. Ayman is the trustee and beneficiary of Paramount Trust, which is financially tied to Trans Continental Entertainment Group Inc now dba Career Inc. dba The Internet Company dba Career Network dba Monkeyjar dba Three Stars Media dba 3Starsinc dba Three Stars Inc dba Internet Solutions Corporation dba CareerAdvisor – and his many aliases. Mr. Difrawi goal is to get you to sign up for continuing education. He should say outright what it is he’s peddling.

An Example of What ScamFraudAlert seek from Mr. Difrawi Is Good Business Practices

Defrawi does have a history, a felony fraud conviction for a federal jobs scam in the 1990’s where he took advance fees for non-existence jobs.

Washington Post

Three Stars Inc / 3Stars Inc Leader in Internet Marketing For Online Education Providers

Channel9 Reporting three years ago. Notice the website names have changed


Difrawi Past & Current Business Practices

Nothing Helps
26 May 2010
I’ve been called by them for two weeks straight at all business hours on and off. When I answer, there’s no one on the other end. I’ve called back twice and asked to be removed. The first time they said they would and it would take a day or two, but it didn’t stop. When I called again, they suddenly couldn’t take me off the list if I couldn’t tell them how they got my number. I just want it to stop!
Caller: Career Advisor
Call Type: Telemarketer

11 Aug 2010

I said I wasn’t interested and hung up. Less than five minutes later the same guy called back and said “We got disconnected”… I say, “No I hung up because I’m not interested.” He tells me I should at least hear him out. I hang up. He calls back. I ignore the call.

This has been going on all damn week. I’m on the DNC list. I told them that and they alway say “Well hear me out…”.


12 Aug 2010
I am to the point I want to scream at these calls, I am getting calls starting a 7:am in the morning and calling 3-5 times a day, until 10:00 pm. Please remove me from your list asap. I have never asked for this career info, and I think it is time to stop calling so many times a day. I am so tired of you calling, can’t you get this hint, when I pick the phone up and just hang back up on you
Caller: Career Education
Reply !

Dennis Stone
16 Aug 2010

I was doing job seaches and gave my name and address to some of the search sites. This is where they most likely got my number. They call all the time and from what I have read it’s a scam to get money out of you. There are a lot of reports of this going on. I talked to them one time and they started asking a lot of questions about me that I was not going to answer so I ended the phone call. I will call the Fed No Call list and log a complaint.
Call Type: Telemarketer


3 thoughts on “Career Advisor aka Job Nab aka SkilledLaborCareers – 866-927-5206

  1. Citizen13 says:

    here is one of the emails that they are sending out that made me check the company name i tend to be suspicious but apparently i missed one somewhere and provided too much info at some point that i guess i shouldn’t have…………….

    Dear **********,

    A large international company, Rating Group Inc. is expanding and seeking new employees!

    We are now searching for independent agents in different region who will capably represent our company. Two to three hours a day performing your duties over the Internet is sufficient for this position.

    We provide a one-month paid training period. During your training you receive free and unlimitd online training and support. A personal supervisor guides your training. At the end of the training the personal supervisor will the final decision regarding whether or not to extend a permanent offer of employment.Your training is critical to your success, so please take it seriously.

    My goal is to spark your interest. In the present economy, our position offers training, support and a pay scale comparable to entry level position requiring 40 hours per week. I hope you will explore, compare, and then contact me with your questions.

    If you would like to learn more please email us your updated contact information at (THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT USE THIS LINK!!! edited by Citizen13)

    Our human resource managers will contact you within 2 business days.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Yours faithfully,

    John Nihat

  2. Citizen13 says:

    Ya this is a bunch of bs that all these ppl get away with taking advantage of already desperate people is such times as these! It would be wonderful if our government would do something to catch n stop this type of crap n to help ppl to find actual real jobs when that is what we desperately need yet they rather pass more laws that protect them n victimize us!!

    i have had the same problem now with getting calls from ppl saying i enlisted to further my education as well ans tons of spam emails of this n other sorts that all started with my search online for a job!!! It’as hard enough to find a job as it is and these ppl should just be deported or just kept in prisoon or something, anything!!

    • Citizen13 says:

      as well i have stated i did not sign up for any such service or request it! told them to remove me and stop calling me the next time they call i will tell them i have seen the new reports about them and will turn them into the authorities n see what that does with the calling!?

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