Apex Financial Networks – www.apexfinancialnetworks.com

Consumer & Business ALERT

These are Fraudulent Operations that engages in Phishing and email  solicitation and THEFT

DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY via Western Union  or CASH THE Fraudulent Check. Contact your local police and file a REPORT.

Apex Financial Networks
4449 Easton Way
Columbus, OH 43219
Internet 43219
United States of America
Phone: 877-862-0138
Web Address: http://www.apexfinancialnetworks.com

Complaint Description:
On August6, 2010 I was contacted by Apex Loan Manager Vickie Owens (877-862-0138 ext 140) that I had been approved for a loan of $5000 which I had filled out on line. She said she would send me an email which would explain the terms and what I would need to close the loan process. When I got the Email it said I had been approved for $5000 and I would need to send the following – one photo id with D.0.B, utility bill and 2 recent paystubs. The email was sent by Marion Mahoney (admin dept / new account) After I faxed over the paperwork I called Vickie back she then told me that the lenders would approve the loan if I would put $748.00 into an escrow account and this would be used to make my first 6 payments. I sent the $748 dollars money gram, and then called Vickie; she said the money would be in my account by Tuesday morning 9:00am August 10, 2010. Tuesday morning no money, I called Vickie 10:00am and she said it will be in the account in the next 3 hours(little did I know at 10am they were picking up the money from money gram– I called money gram to try to stop the payment by that was at 9:30pm way too late.). 3 hours later no money. Call Vickie 2pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm. would not answer. I then called customer service. I talked to a supervisor name Jeremy. This customer service supervisor says to me that the loan had not been approved yet and I would need another $700 sent to them money gram but instead of $5000 dollars the loan would be $8000 at only a couple more months at the same price. I started to ask question about what the loan manager Vickie said this deal was closed last night and I would get my money this morning and Jeremy said all loan has to come thru customer service. Jeremy then said he would email me a new loan agreement and now with another $700 dollars my first payment would not be due instill September 2011. (I did some quick math $124.43 x 48 months at 9% does not equal $8000 dollars.)Jeremy said after I sent another $700  in 3 hours the money would be in my account and  I would get all the paperwork in the mail in about a week but my first payment would not be due for a year. ( i did not send another $700 but After investagating the company i call the leasing office address on apex letter head. I talk to sue who is the building leasing manager she told me that Apex had not been in the build for years. I had been Rip-off.

Source: Ripoffreport.com

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