Advance Financial Settlement LLC

Advance Financial Settlement LLC USA Mega International Sweepstakes Winner Fraud New York, New York

Advance Financial Settlement LLC
1000 Bloor St West,
Toronto Ontario, Canada M5B 7N
New York New York 10035
United States of America
Phone:  1-778-223-8548
Web Address:

I received a letter (no return address on envelop) stating I was a 2nd prize winner in USA Mega International Sweepstakes  (I do not play the sweepstakes or purchase lottery tickets) held on Jan 31, 2010 & I received a $4,910 check (other people who reported this scam received checks for differing amounts) with the letter. Serial # 52283549, lucky #’s 14-23-35-37-19 (other people who reported this scam also had the same winning numbers) and I had won $150,000 (other people who reported this won differing amounts of money). Advance Financial Settlement LLC is to distribute funds balance according to Winfred Madison, Promotion Manager (other people who have reported this have said Madison signed as CFO).

I was to contact Ken Wilson 1-778-223-8548 to start claim processing and activate my check.  Check from PTM Management Corp, 94-01 150 St,Jamaica, NY 11435 looks legit. I am to use it to pay Eather Domms and David INCA (don’t know where these people are, no contact info on these people) as this would cover the taxes.

The letter was poorly put together, mast head on letter was a copy, too many different fonts to be professional and no contact number for Winfred.  Signature at bottom of letter did not match Winfred Madison’s name. When I researched, Advance Financial Settlement LLC and PTM Management Corp, I didn’t find anything on Advance but found info on PTM.

Don’t fall for this! I didn’t! I filed it for future reference.