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CF Investments They have promised me a loan and kept asking me for money Putrajaya 6200, Internet

CF Investments
12B, Precint, 5A Jalan Sehala
Putrajaya 6200 Internet
United States of America
Phone: (+60)102-123-146
Web Address:

I received a e-mail from this company saying that can loan me money to help get out of debt. well they asking me to send money for fees, taxes, VAT % and it totaled up to $1575.00 in fees to this company. I never received the loan. And I had requested my money back and they told that they couldn’t do it. I would like to report this company as a rip-off. This company does not keep their promises.


4 thoughts on “CF Investments

  1. Venessa Smith says:

    This place CF Investments were the biggest mistake I had ever made. They owe me personally a lot of money! I was so stupid I kept doing as they asked to get my loan it is awful what people will do to steal others money. The whole time all I kept hearing is trust me trust me!! Yeah whatever Do Not Trust them they are taking our money they will take even your last dime and promise if something goes wrong they will send you a refund!! I have all the paper work everything and still they have sent me nothing back. Except a email stating that if I pay one more amount of 350 dollars they will send my money to me western union Ok I can’t they have taken all of my money so I told them take it out of what they Owe Me and all I hear is they can’t do it they need the 350 apart from what they owe me!!! Bad Bad People!!!

    I did My research way to late and I know I was stupid!!

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