sues vs

Xcentric Ventures, LLC. d/b/a as sues for copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and unfair business practices/unfair competition. They are seeking an injunctive relief.

Well is it wise for to initiate such lawsuit? Is it warranted? The truth is that there is not a clear answer. There are pros and cons that could go either way.

This is our THOUGHTS. as does offer an avenue for injustice.  Such sites for the global community to voice their complaints, unfiltered and uncensored. That’s the beauty and therein lies the danger.  Are these postings false accusations or factual complaints.

Critics of suggest that their consumer advocacy program is a money making business for Ed Magedson its founder and owner. The program charges individuals or companies who would like to have posted reports remove.  They have accised Mr. Magedson of being an “internet terrorist” and other unkind words. These same charges have been level against consumer advocate Les Henderson who runs Crime of Persuasion Blog, Esa Suurio, founder of Web of Trust – and us for its part burst onto the scene within the last two years and have soared in popularity. What we do know is that the operators of are professionals who develop web properties for the purpose of maximizing profit. Consumer advocacy does not appear to be their first priority.

We also know that this group is based in either of these cities or country Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, Canada or India. They are also associated with the Canadian Pharmacy or other Online Pharmacy websites.

These “Professional Consumer Advocay” websites represent a CLEAR and PRESENT danger. They are like WalMart coming to town. They lack the moral compass to advocate on consumer behave.


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