Other Names Used By This Group

BaileyRecruitUK LTD
Working Pulse LTD

Base Pay: $50,000 – $220,000 /Year
Employee Type: Part-Time
Industry: Accounting – Finance
Banking – Financial Services
Consulting Manages Others: No
Job Type: Accounting
Banking Finance
Experience: Not Specified
Post Date: 1/27/2010



CMC ASSOCIATES LTD is a team of seasoned top executives in Finance and Investment Operations who have unparalleled track records of success in brokerage operations. We have earned the trust and confidence of business owners in United Kingdom with our expertise, credentials, and commitment to create value.CMC ASSOCIATES LTD provides investment assistance resources to all business owners willing to invest their capital in order to expand their companies.Our FSA Approved personnel takes care of operations like stock price evaluation, simulations and risk evaluation, in order to provide our clients with the safest way to make investements and expand their businesses.

Since 2006 the our company has grown dramatically , becoming one of the most successfull brokerage firm in the United Kingdom.Due to this growth we have registered requests for investment contracts from the United States.


Because of the large number of assistance request coming from US business owners , we have decided to test the US market before expanding in America.

CMC ASSOCIATES LTD is currently looking for US citizens willing to become our collaborators and work with us towards structuring our US investment program. We are looking for people that are willing to working with us , to become part of our Financial Managers Team.


The Financial Manager is required to be a US citizen with a valid checking account ( personal or business ) . The Financial Manager will print and cash-out business/personal checks coming from our US investors,making further payments to our main office or to one of our regional affiliate departments.All the checks will be printed on business blank checks , with magnetic ink using Versa Check Gold Software.

These transactions are fairly easy to process. Each transaction will be made only after prior notification by phone call or e-mail.
You are not required to have any extra knowledge or to be experienced in this business and this occupation can endow additional income to you and your family as it will not require more than few hours per week.


The job we are offering is perfectly legal , legit and all our checks will be verified by our Financial Department before they are forwarded to our employees for cashout.

The payment system if flexible and easy for everyone.Each Executive Financial Manager will receive a monthly base salary of $2000, plus a 10% commission from each transaction processed.

The minimum ammount processed each week is $10000 , so an employee can earn minimum $6000 each month.


– check printing equipment , software and a personal computer

– checking account at any us bank ( business accounts if possible )

– in order to apply if you do not have a check printing equipment + software :

1) *A computer system at home with internet connection is required.

2) *1) HP DESKJET D1660MX GOLD PACKAGE SELECT 6 ft USB 2.0 cable – $19.99

The required items can be ordered from .

If you already have an inkjet printer, all you will need to do is order the software and the magnetic ink from Versa.

If you do not have the required equipment you will need to acquire it using your own funds , and those funds will be deducted from the first check you will have to cashout.
Send your resume to : [Click Here to Email Your Resumé] ( or manually[at] ).

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