Hackers Are defeating Tough Authentication

Hackers Are defeating Tough Authentication, Gartner warns
January 18, Computerworld – (International)

Security measures such as the use of one-time passwords and phone-based user authentication — considered among the most robust forms of IT defenses — are no longer enough to protect online banking systems against fraud, a Gartner Inc. report warns. Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated tactics to outmaneuver security systems so they can steal customers’ log-in credentials and pillage their bank accounts, according to a Gartner analyst who wrote the report.
Trojan horse programs lurking inside a customer’s Web browser can steal one-time passwords and immediately transfer funds, or intercept a transaction between a bank and a customer and make changes unbeknownst to the user or the bank, the analyst said. In cases where a bank uses a phone-based, “out of band” authentication system, criminals use call forwarding so that the fraudster, not the legitimate customer, gets the call from the financial institution, the analyst said. Banks need to quickly implement additional layers of security, she advised.

Source: Computerworld


01/21/10—The FBI continues to receive reports of counterfeit check    schemes targeting U.S. law firms. As previously reported, scammers send e-mails to lawyers, claiming to be overseas and seeking legal representation to collect delinquent payments from third parties in the U.S. The law firm receives a retainer agreement, invoices reflecting the amount owed, and a check payable to the law firm. The firm is instructed to extract the retainer fee, including any other fees associated with the transaction, and wire the remaining funds to banks in Korea, China, Ireland, or Canada. By the time the check is determined to be counterfeit, the funds have already been wired overseas.

In a new twist, the fraudulent client seeking legal representation is an ex-wife “on assignment” in an Asian country, and she claims to be pursuing a collection of divorce settlement monies from her ex-husband in the U.S. The law firm agrees to represent the ex-wife, sends an e-mail to the ex-husband, and receives a “certified” check for the settlement via delivery service. The ex-wife instructs the firm to wire the funds, less the retainer fee, to an overseas bank account. When the scam is executed successfully, the law firm wires the money before discovering the check is counterfeit.

All Internet users need to be cautious when they receive unsolicited e-mails. Law firms are advised to conduct as much due diligence as possible before engaging in transactions with parties who are handling their business solely via e-mail, particularly those parties claiming to reside overseas.

Please view an additional public service announcement posted to the IC3 web site regarding a similar Asian extortion scheme located at the following link, http://www.ic3.gov/media/2009/090610.aspx. Individuals who receive information pertaining to counterfeit check schemes are encouraged to file a complaint at http://www.IC3.gov.

Source: FBI

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