Canadian Pharmacy Spam Major Player GalvMed & Others

That is 543 of these sites per day over four days — and only for these seven templates.
“The canadian_* templates are clearly the most prevalent and we have traced these back to “GlavMed”, which we believe operates out of the Russian Business Network and is likely tied to the Russian mafia. The GlavMed hosts tend to stay online for no more than a couple of weeks.”
The other major outfit is

This is an Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud ring.

These sites deal with:
– Illegal drug sales (mostly HGH)
– False claims (Verisign, Truste, etc)
– Counterfeit watches (Rolex etc)
– Loans (they resell your information to anyone)

[Illegal drug sales]
Who knows what these scammers will put in the pills. Recent news reports
have uncovered everything from ineffective ingredients to wallboard and
lead based pigments. See below for links dealing with this subject.

[False claims]
The spammer will use false logos to lure you into believing they are
legitimate. Real logos link back to Verisign and Truste. These false
logos either do not link back or they link to another scammer site.
Some of the sites also use a false license for prescription sales.
Even the untrained eye can spot the poor photoshopping.

[Counterfeit goods]
Replica (Counterfeit) watches, pens, purses, and jewelry. They pay a
few bucks and hope your dumb enough to part with a few hundred. Don’t
do it, there is no guarantee what you get will even work and no way to
return the goods. Plus the crooks may even chose your credit card to
buy more domains. See below for links dealing with this subject.

Or as I like to call them Loanz. This spammer will turn around and
sell your information to hundreds of call centers. The end result
is your phone will never stop ringing. These loan shops are no better,
and many times worse, than your local credit union or bank. With the
prevalence of ID theft these days I would never deal over the phone
with a company I did not personally know.

====== KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY! =======

[Counterfeit Goods]

-Read about it:
The watch industry against the counterfeit scourge
2006 Mid-Year Counterfeit & Piracy Intelligence Report
Special Report: Trying to stub out the fakes,,29390-2220038,00.html

-Report counterfeit goods:
Currently I know of no resource to do this apart from the
U.S. Customs CyberSmuggling Center: [1-800-BE-ALERT]

[Illegal Drugs]
-Read about it:

-Report illegal drugs and false claims:
DEA: (Drug Enforcement Agency – Diversion Program)
FDA: (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

[Software Piracy]
-Report software piracy to any or all of these sites:

[False Verisign or Truste logos]
– Trust.e:
– VeriSign:

The affiliate program has sites using fake seals e.g.

PharmaChecker instead of the genuine Pharmacy Checker
ADA instead of the genuine FDA
CIDA instead of the genuine CIPA
Verisign Secure is a fake link back to the same site.

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