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Alright, I had a hell of a day today! Let me first start off by asking has anyone looking for a job or a better job on this site? You know those ads that sounds too good to be true…The posts that has a generic job description and normally the pay is like 3 or 4 dollars higher than what the going rate for that job here in Omaha is. The postings that have normally some persons name @ gmail .com.

You can email those if you wish, and it will spit back an auto-reply for you to go to a website that makes you put in your name and address and phone number and submit a resume.

YEAH…….well I got to the bottom of all that! After talking with the lady that runs all the “job boards” and then calling and talking to he lawyer of the company of all these here is what I can tell you!

There is a ton of company names. But they all seem to go back to the name ThreeStarInc. They have a website, but no contact info. So Better Business Bureau gave me a number (no longer in service) and a name. Well the name I did a ton of homework to find out she has a ton of websites of her marketing profession.
You see, this is Not a scam, that they tell me, but I havent seen any proof. They are defined as AFFILIATE MARKETERS! And anyone that tries to go into a job section has to click thru that Scam section.
Craigslist is “labeling” them as scammers cause you have to put in your information. I then did all my homework to find this lawyer and found a number and called him. We talked for like 25 minutes, and he tells me they are trying to redo their sites to be more understanding.
You see, these postings are a marketing company that is in reality a NATIONWIDE STAFFING COMPANY (sort a speak) Thats how they work. The lawyer stated they are not a phishing company/website. But, Im not so sure about that based on no proof to me that they are not!

What I can tell you is, DONT HASSLE WITH THEM!!!!! Why put your information out on a national staffing marketing company? They have their claws in with Carrer builder, Monster and thousands more job websites. Its a cruel, but legal thing they are doing. You should read all the negative postings when you google the info I will give at the bottom here.
STAY away, and just flag and remove them (like they normally have happen in minutes from posting anyways). I told the lawyer why would they post if it just gets removed, and he didnt really have a responce. They are real, but take that very loosly. I still need to see actual proof of someone in Omaha that gets a job out of this “national staffing company”.

Anyways heres some real information if you want to persue any further, or was caught up putting your information out there and want to know what they do with your stats.

ThreeStarsInc or otherwise known as

Career Network  and I know there are a ton more
Kelly Weems (Job Board Operations manager) (407)803-4777

Keith E. Kress the lawyer for ThreeStarsInc.   (407)803-4621

Call either one if you had a problem with any of this going on thru this website, and pass this on to people that use Craigslist. Any other questions, just reply back to my posting on here. I hate these Affiliate Market companies!

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  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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