MS Antivirus & ESafeBill Transaction

MS Antivirus & ESafeBill Transaction

so called
Internet , U.S.A.

Antivirus ripoff.This company supposedly sells antivirus. I stupidly responded on the internet when I saw that I had some messages about viruses on my computer. Being naive and not very computer smart I saw this name MS Antivirus and thought of “Microsoft”!! How wrong I was. Not only was the amount that was debited to my credit card different to that advertised by them but I ended up with a complete mess of a computer and battled to get out. They actually infect your computer with all sorts of viruses that I have had to now send to an expert to have my hard drive reformatted with consequent loss of a lot of personal data etc.
The so called web address they sent on the payment confirmation from a crowd called eSafeBill is impossible to get hold of.
I would like companies like VISA & Mastercard to block payments to such unscrupolous operators.

South Africa

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