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800Notes – 202-403-0827

Got the call this AM too, the Career Network. Knowing the laws, I asked to speak with a supervisor. They were just suppose to be verifying information, right? The girl first time scamALERTaround, gave me another number to call. When asked to be transferred, they girl hung up. I called back. Got a lady by the name “Pinky”. Asked if that was her real name, she stated yes. Went through the explaination again. She could not or would not give me any information but the name of the company & 2 different numbers to call. She could not even supply me with a physical address for the company. So, I called the first number: 678-691-4060, got a fast beep. Called the 800-875-5677 or the Career Institute. Got a little more information. Spoke with a Hannah. Told me that the Career Network (202-403-0827) was an outside 3rd party that they use. I asked to speak to a manager since I have not applied for a job in years, let alone use my cell on the application. I was told that the manager Mark Brown was in a meeting. I was politely asked to call back in a few hours to speak with him. I fully intended to do that, however I suggest everyone call Mr. Brown & complain. Maybe he will stop using this “outside 3rd party” to soliciate “students” to a crappy school.

Caller ID: 202-403-0827
Caller: Career Network

Caller Type: Telemarketer

This was a follow up call to an email I had recieved about a Logistics Coordinator position. They told me they were part of the Career Network and I had to be at a computer to complete the screening. Being at work I couldn’t but I was given a number to call back to, 646-520-0697, when I was able to call back and verify. I looked it up and that number brought me here. as well as the number on my caller ID 202-403-0827. Sounds like a scam, I’ll give it a miss.

Caller ID: 202-403-0827
Caller: Career Network

Caller Type: Commercial

It’s a scam and a waste of your time.
Here’s some info on Career Network. They’re incorporated in Delaware, and operate local offices under this name, in various states. There are similar companies such as Education Bridge, Inc, based in
Bellvue, WA, that will be calling you as well, since these companies sell each other your contact information.
Basically, they are advertising/marketing firms that submit fake job ads online, in order to get your personal information and try to sell you things.

Here’s what I do:
Search through the Secretary of State’s website for that State that they are incorporated in, for example, Career Network in Florida. Look up their latest business filings, and from them, you can get the name of
the president and officers of the company, and/or their lawyer. Call them and ask them if they are interested in furthering their education.
Or, do them a favor and sign them up to the calling list.

Career Network, Inc
President: Kelly Welch Romero
6996 Piazza Grande Ave. Suite 315
Orlando, FL 32835

Lawyer for Career Network, FL:
Keith Kress
2295 South Hiawassee Rd. Suite 407
Orlando, FL 32835
Phone: (321) 293-3236

I received another call from 202-403-0827 (Career Network). This is in reference to an online job I applied for — an obvious scam; marketing ploy. Despite my repeated requests to be removed from their calling list, this time I called them back, giving them my actual cell #, then told them, “No, this is not “.

I was polite and told them, “I live in , in an earlier time zone, and I keep getting calls”. The rep was VERY apologetic and said she would “Let them know to remove my number…. and that I will no longer be contacted”. GREAT!!

Then I proceeded to call my local telephone company to report 202-403-0827. They were very helpful, and instantly placed 202-403-0827 on a 90-day block, FREE of charge!

Therefore, if/when someone from 202-403-0827 tries to call me again, they will automatically be filtered to an automated recording informing them that “The number you are calling is no longer in service”. What is even better, I will not hear my phone ring either!

In the meanwhile, I have filed a formal, written complaint to the BBB.

They keep calling, leaving automated messages to call back and speak to a Verification Specialist. I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THEIR GAMES, so I got smart and called back, this time in a sleepy voice. When asked to verify my ph# I did ONLY because they already have it from some bogus job ad I applied to. Next when they asked my name I pretended not to be NAME then said, No, that’s not me. Then I said how I keep getting calls and now it is 5 AM because I live in HAWAII, just to derail them. Then I said, maybe somebody must have given you my ph# by mistake? I proceeded to ask them all sorts of WHY questions in a concerned voice. The so-called Verification Rep was VERY apologetic telling me she was sorry and would have their dept. remove my ph#. Since then no calls from 202-403-0827 BUT just to be sure, I called the local ph company where they put a 90-day block on it. So next time if/when Career Network calls, then they will be filtered to a disconnected #. What’s even better, I will NEVER hear my phone ring again from these scammers who keep preying on innocent job seekers!

Caller ID: 202-403-0827
Caller: Career Network

Caller Type: Telemarketer

It is AMAZING these scammers are still in business! It is tough enough being unemployed and having to sift through the many bogus job ads. I get calls from them at least twice a week asking me to call back and speak to a ‘Verification Specialist’. The first time I did & answered Yes when they asked to verify my name, add, etc. I thought it was strange since all that is listed on my resume. Then I get another call and another so finally I asked to be removed from their mail list. They say will do that but they just lie because another call comes in from a different person. It is just a vicious loop, an endless cycle repeating itself until they pester you to give in. All they want is to get you in front of a computer. **BIG RED FLAG** !!!!! BEWARE !!!!! NEVER give out your social security # and driver’s license or credit card information!! These people are trying to get you to register for online schooling. They post FAKE jobs on multiple online job websites and operate under several alias’.

I ended up calling my local phone company and they placed a 90-day block on this number. This should STOP anymore calls from 202-403-0827.

Caller ID: 202-403-0827
Caller: Career Network

Caller Type: Telemarketer

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