UnitedLayer Announces IPv4/IPv6 Dual Backbone & 575+ Peering Sessions

UnitedLayer, LLC, a privately held company and Managed Colocation
Services firm, reported over 575+ peering sessions and full IPv6 including
a full Multicast enabled IP Backbone.

UnitedLayer, which maintains over 35,000 square feet of Turn-Key
Datacenter(TM) space in San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Los Angeles
and Ashburn, VA, operates a carrier grade North American
MPLS/IP/Multicast IP Backbone.

UnitedLayer connections, IPv4 and IPv6, are available from 1 Mbps to 40
Gbps in the following locations:

— SF1 Located at 200 Paul Ave., San Francisco, CA (DRT facility)
— SF4 Located at Presidio Telecom, San Francisco, CA (Presidio Telecom)
— SF5 Located at 365 Main Street, San Francisco, CA (365Main Data
— PAIX Located at PAIX, Palo Alto, CA (Switch and Data)
— SJ1 Located at Equinix SV1, San Jose, CA (Equinix)
— SJ2 Located at 55 South Market, San Jose, CA (Coresite)
— LA1 Located at MMR 1 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA (Coresite)
— LA3 Located at Equinix LA1, Los Angeles, CA (Equinix)
— LA4 Located at 530 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA (UL Data Center)
— ASH1 Located at Equinix, Ashburn, VA (Equinix)

“UnitedLayer has over 575+ peering sessions, our goal is to achieve
1,000 peering sessions IPv4 and IPv6 by the end of 2009 though our network
expansions into Europe and Asia,” said Aaron Hughes, Chief Network
Architect of UnitedLayer.

“UnitedLayer has achieved 575+ peering sessions while yielding annual
growth rate of 500% with a 55% traffic peering ratio. These statistics are
a phenomenal achievement for a Tier II IP backbone,” said Arman Khalili,
CEO of UnitedLayer.

About UnitedLayer

UnitedLayer, LLC is a premier North American Colocation and Internet
infrastructure services firm. It offers IP transit, colocation, dedicated
and managed servers in multiple datacenters strategically located
throughout North America.

UnitedLayer is about Power, Cooling, Packets and People.

Media Contact:
Albert A. Ahdoot – Owner of Colocation America Corporation in Los Angeles
415 349 2100


United Layer2

One thought on “UnitedLayer Announces IPv4/IPv6 Dual Backbone & 575+ Peering Sessions

  1. Scrub says:

    San Francisco, California – (The Hosting News) – April 28, 2009 – Privately held Colocation and Managed Infrastructure Services firm, UnitedLayer, Inc., on the heels of a highly profitable Q1 2009, has added three new executives to its management team.

    Albert Ahdoot, with more than 12 years managerial and consulting experience in the information technology industry, has been named director of business development for UnitedLayer. In this capacity, Ahdoot will lead all sales efforts in both online and offline market segments. Prior to joining UnitedLayer, Albert served as vice president of sales and marketing for Colocation America, where he helped secure a favorable acquisition through robust sales growth. Ahdoot received his bachelor’s of arts degree in sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and his master’s degree in Bio-Technology from New York University.

    Arman Khalili, CEO of UnitedLayer remarked, ”Albert is an enormous asset to the UnitedLayer team. His experience, knowledge and foresight of the web hosting and managed infrastructure spaces enable our management team to make better-informed and well-reasoned decisions.”

    Armin Khalili, brother of CEO Arman Khalili, has been named director of sales and business development. Armin has more than 20 years experience as a manger, and has held a variety of senior positions in sales, business development, and marketing. He has served in Fortune 500 companies, including Samsung, ARM, General Electric and Altera.

    Arman Khalili added, ”Armin is a Silicon Valley veteran and brings to the table seasoned business relationships and invaluable experience. After seven years of courtship, I have finally persuaded my brother to join our team.”

    Tom Washington, with more than six years experience working with ISPs and datacenters, has been named director of managed services and product development. Washington’s career highlights include managing, scaling, and implementing complex managed hosting solutions — from one to over one hundred node deployments. His specialties include both Windows and Linux hosting as well as service development.

    Arman Khalili remarked, ”Tom’s background in sales, data center technology, and service development makes him an ideal executive to join our management team. Our company is built atop service and innovation, and these themes are emblematic of Tom’s entire career.”

    Founded in 2001, UnitedLayer offers a suite of IP Transport, Colocation, and Managed Solutions. It operates a nationwide MPLS/IP network consisting of three data centers and ten routing/peering nodes.

    UnitedLayer, Inc. is a North American Colocation and Internet infrastructure services firm. It offers IP transit, colocation and managed infrastructure services in multiple datacenters strategically located throughout North America. UnitedLayer’s mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to make smarter decisions with the infrastructure needed to start, build, scale and optimize their online presence.

    For additional information, please visit: http://www.unitedlayer.com.

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