LifeStyle Lift – Poor Service – No Refund

I went to this plastic surgeon to get a quote for a facelift; they ran my credit. My medical dr. Advised me against it; I cancelled the surgery. They have charged my credit card $6700, and despite certified letters, and numerous calls and visits they will not credit back my card.

I have met two other women that have the same problem with this dr.

Lifestyle Lift

Lifestyle Lift

Posted: 2009-08-15 by Plantstogo01
Too Many Horror Stories
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Lifestyle Lift
United States


Please keep these coming. I almost done this in Houston and am trying to get my deposit back. Now I see it will almost be impossible. I have read so many of these horror stories around the whole United States. Why are these quacks still practicing Frankenstien proceedures? People!!! Read!!! Do Not Do The Lifestyle Lift!!! And do not go for a conseltation because they will pressure you for a deposit and then NEVER return your money if you change your mind. And if you get this proceedure…You WIll Be Sorry..because …they just say “Sorry” and you are stuck with more doctor bills to help you with pain, scars, infections and sounds like you will have to get FIXED afterward. DO NOT DO

Lifestyle Lift2


One thought on “LifeStyle Lift – Poor Service – No Refund

  1. Kat says:

    if this was done with credit cards, file chargebacks immediately through your credit card companies. Also, since you have all the documentation, file a small claims suit ASAP.

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