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Job offers as such are nothing more than a marketing ploy or deceptive marketing practices by non other than Mr. Alex Difrawi aka Alec Difrawi aka Ayman A. Difrawy aka Ayman A. El-Difrawi aka Alex Simon dba Three Stars Media dba 3Starsinc dba Three Stars Inc dba Internet Solutions Corporation and his many aliases. Mr. Difrawi goal is to get you to sign up for continuing education. He should say outright what it is he’s peddling.

An Example of What ScamFraudAlert seek from Mr. Difrawi – Good Business Practices

Three Stars Inc / 3Stars Inc Leader in Internet Marketing For Online Education Providers

WFTV.COM – CHANNEL 9 Reporting on Alec Difrawi & Three Stars Inc.

Channel9 Reporting three years ago. Notice the website names have changed

Defrawi does have a history, a felony fraud conviction for a federal jobs scam in the 1990’s where he took advance fees for non-existant jobs.

Employment Select –
Phone: 213-325-3204

Veriresume,, Employment Select, NOT a legit job search or resume-verifying entity Unknown Internet

I responded the other day to a job that was either on or CareerBuilder. It was for a Non-Profit Coordinator. I had to fill out an external application on, and one or two red flags came up as I was filling out the application. First, they asked me for information about my wireless provider. Second, they asked me if I was interested in pursuing any additional educational opportunities. (I said no.) I submitted the application, and saw a message saying that I could hear from them in 24-48 hours to verify receipt of my application. Then, I started to get confused because the job listing had said that the position was with Employment Select, not “jobspositionpro”…but, figuring there was a staffing firm involved somewhere, I dismissed any thought of weirdness.

About two days later, I got a phone call from 213-325-3204. I spoke with Autumn, who told me that she needed to “verify my information” from my application for the Non-Profit Coordinator position at “a confidential client company”. I figured it was just a standard screening process and went ahead with it. I gave her my phone number, and with that, she was able to pull up my “account” (address, and all of the information included on the application). I made a slight correction to my address for her, but then the red flags started popping up once again when she asked about cell phone carriers, text messaging, and educational opportunities. I emphatically said “no” for each one.

When the call was over, I hung up and checked my email. I found a message from VeriResume, asking me to click on a link to register and to verify my personal information. Wait, didn’t I just “verify” my personal information over the phone? Hmm. I clicked on the link to bring up the webpage, and I saw all of my personal information that I’d submitted on the application. (see this link for the page I saw, minus my personal info).

Nothing terrible; just my name and address and phone number. But before I clicked “verify” or “submit” or whatever, I decided to take a look at’s “Press Room” section of the Web site. It was very poorly constructed, and its News links lead to articles pre-2000. Weird, I thought, as most companies would want to display the latest news about their company. Upon further reading, I discovered that the articles they linked to had NOTHING to do with at all — they just dealt with the general subject of resume fraud. (see this link for their Press Room page)

It was at this point that I Googled VeriResume and found a handful of unfavorable reports on the company. There’s even a lawsuit in progress between a blogger and VeriResume — the blogger called VeriResume a scam and a phishing service! I find it curious that there’s even a lawsuit about this, as most companies expect a little bit of bad press and would typically handle it without litigation. Especially in the case of an unknown blogger! Red flags all over the place.

I’d rather be safe then sorry, truthfully, so I didn’t do anything else on the website. It was at that point that I realized it must be some sort of a scam. Because they’d asked me for my cell phone carrier, and I had to answer questions about text messaging, I realized that they seemed more like an underhanded marketing firm than a job employment or resume verification agency. So, I called “Autumn” back at the same phone number and told her to delete me from the system. I asked if I could get an email verification of me being deleted from their system, and she said that no, I couldn’t; she’d already hit delete. I also replying to to ask that I be completely purged from the system.

Tomorrow, I’ll call again. They ask you for your phone number first, so I’ll provide mine and see if I still come up in the system…. if I do, I will come back and put an addendum onto this report!

Bottom line: Don’t trust this company. I feel as if they’re preying on unsuspecting job seekers who don’t need their time wasted by fraud.

Ellen (name changed)
phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Download the entire list of Defense Contracts for this contractor from 2000 – 2011
To a Spreadsheet or Other File Type
Government Contractor/
ORLANDO, FL 32819-7969
Dollar Amount of Defense Contracts Awarded to this Contractor from 2000 to 2011 $6,878,095
Number of Defense Contracts Awarded to this Contractor from 2000 to 2011 21
Industry Classification Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)
Type of Business Entity Minority Institution (MI)
Women-Owned Business Yes
HUB Zone Representation No
Ethnic Group Subcontinent Asian American Owned Business
Veteran-Owned Small Business
Govt Contracts (Defense) – Count/$ Dollar Amount
2011 0/$0
2010 1/$0
2009 1/$374,423
2008 3/$749,104
2007 3/$849,301
2006 2/$474,895
2005 2/$399,823
2004 1/$374,944
2003 2/$1,899,168
2002 3/$1,181,901
2001 2/$474,586
2000 1/$99,950

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  1. Scrub says:

    (SCAM) Employment is a LEAD GENERATION MILL FOR PRIVATE-FOR-PROFIT COLLEGE INSTITUTIONS. Their ONLY PURPOSE is to verify peoples data extracted from their Bait-N-Switch job apps. Theirwebsite hides behind the mask of employment screenings, only to screen you for college lead generation. Online blogs with positive comments are owned and commented by Employment Select.

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