Consumer Complaint –

FEDGRANTUSA Fraudulent Charges on credit card – NEVER heard of them! – NEVER ordered ANYTHING! Internet

1285 Baring Blvd Ste 506, Sparks, Nevada 89434
Sparta, Nevada
Phone: 877-495-1173

Found charges on Citi Platinum MasterCard by “WWW FEDGRANTUSA COM UT” for $2.29 on 6/29/09 and $39.95 on 7/7/09. I’ve read other consumer complaints on this website (ripoffreport) and the company’s rebuttal to them, generally stating the consumer bought/ordered some CD and signed up for some trial membership that renews automatically, or that the consumer was involved/interested in some sort of grant.

I have NEVER heard of this company, NEVER ordered any CD, have NO interest or connections to ANY grant(s) of any kind – – ever!

These charges are not accidental – this company is running a SCAM – I’ve reported them to Citi and canceled my card.
I’ve never had fraudulent charges on my card before, but today I discovered this one, and two others: “WWW SKYPE COM INTERNET GBR” for $14.05 and “AG SKIN CARE CA” for $7.95 and $49.95 – again, never used Skype, never heard of AG Skin Care!

I hope they catch these scammers!

Vero Beach, Florida

They are just one of many….

Unfortunately there is a lot more to this dodgy scheme than what meets the eye.  Diamond J Media is the parent company that is linked to all these groups.  So far, the ones that I know of are listed below:

(3) Networka Endacom
(4) Easysearch4cash
(5) Moneyhelp

If like myself, you are another person who has been ripped off by this company – I do urge you to follow the advice given by Skip Roxboro of North Carolina.  I also urge you to immediately close the credit card that is being debited by these groups and have your bank issue you a new credit card account number.  As some people (including myself) have found that even after going through a formal transaction dispute process and requesting that billing be stopped, the billing continued (under new group names!).

As a first step however, contact and firmly request that they cancel any and all accounts that they have created for you in their system.  You will find that they will be very quick (and friendly) to reply to you and tell you that they have canceled your accounts so that is the good news. They may also offer you a refund of the charges but do not hold your breath on that one.


One thought on “Consumer Complaint –

  1. Haliburton says:

    These companies also strongly associate themselves with Google who may have an interest in protecting their brand name. Send Google a note and publish in the computer columns in your local papers or send a note to the computer guy at the NYTimes.

    You should also file complaints with the Attorney General in your state and the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive marketing practices. The FTC has a wizard that will step you through it:

    The FTC won’t pursue it, but sometimes state AG’s will and states increasingly cooperate with each other. Finally send the same info to your Congressman.

    The more light on this, the better.

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