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I was attracted to an At Home BasedBusiness called Vinitti Cash Flow System. I contacted them to find out about purchasing the system which was $299. After several e-mail exchanges with the supposed founder, Jacob Clement, I was offered the system for $99 and a gaurantee of no further expense and complete support from several “successful” individuals seen in videos on their website.

Being a first time “web” businessman, I needed much help getting my web site going. Although Jacob proclaims that one could be making money in 45 minutes, he also says watching the videos is a must for success. Some of those videos are over 30 minutes long and there are 25 of them. So I called Jacob directly (if there is a real Jacob there) and left an explicit message asking for some one to call me back to help me get this project off the ground. No response so I sent an even more explicit e-mail to the address Jacob had sent me via e-mail in case I needed any help and support. Still no answer.

In addition, there was indeed more expense using their reccommended site to set up a domain and website.

I only hope that others don’t fall for the same garbage I ususally don’t fall for.

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  1. Andy says:

    Now I find it interesting that I spoke directly with Clement and he told me that you do NOT have to create a website to promote the business in order to make money with the Vinitti program but now I hear someone post here that they were required to purchase a domain and create a website to promote the business to get others to purchase the program.

    When I spoke with Clement on the phone I told him I have friends in Prepaid Legal and the only way to really make money in that is to create a sub-website to get others to sign up as agents to promote the system…i.e., MLM.

    So I was lied to by Clement when he told me the following: You don’t have to promote the business to anyone…you don’t have to get other people to purchase the Vinitti program to make money…and it doesn’t take long to set up and start making money.

    My fiancee has a free program which also does this ad placing thing. She gets paid $0.005 per ad clicked on. So do the math…1 million hits to earn a possible $5,000 so factor out how many hits you need to get the $100,000 in 3 months that Clement is promising you.

    Trust me that the way he makes money is to get you to send him $299 for something you can obtain for free. Trust me…my fiancee is a Computer IT Supervisor and she knows the scoop.

    go get the same software for free and you will have spent nothing and still make the same $0.005 per ad clicked on.

  2. henrymoxie says:

    im trying the same thing too, to see if ui cud join the company but according to the reviews i have seen and read they gat me really thinking, i have always tried to start a home business by joining the one of those many out there, but the few i joined none of them worked so im so nervous to join anything else in the home business, so please Andrew and other people like him please try to show people those kinds of proofs dat these industries are generating income for ya, not matter how the videos they show online dat the make money just like jacob clement has videos of him going to the bank and cashing his checks but they dont show us when h eon the teller, they just show wen he comes back to his car with a large some of monies, look for these videos online on you tube if u get a chance.
    any response hit me up

  3. Andrew says:

    Just a simple word… I have e-mailed Jacob and he has answered me back with in minutes. I am looking to join this business.Yes, I saved the e-mails, have the proof of him doing this… I would like just some Honesty and objective views. I used to work for some companies and signed a disclosure agreements to protect the company secrets from compatetors. So this is a normal thing in business. So put the emotion aside and think dollars and sense. Would like to see folks who got paid for real or those who have tried but failed. Yes, you have to give a company a good fair shake to say if it was real or just fraud. Just my 2 cents into this matter.

    • TK says:

      Andrew, I am wondering how Vinitti has worked for you. I was
      also considering purchasing the info. I did read some reviews
      that said they were still trying to collect their money back with
      no luck.
      Please let me know if this is for real and if you have made any money.

  4. Jc says:

    Sad to say, but if that were true then I would be to busy to respond to these each week. We always respond to our messages and phone calls.

    You dont have to spend any more money to make money with our system, and it is clearly stated in our faq’s that we offer a website in the back end and that it is not required or neccessary to make the money.

    Last but not least you dont have to watch any of the videos to work the system or even figure out how it works, we just recommend them when people keep calling, we keep explaining, that cant figure it out and still havent watched them yet.

    Anyway, take care and actually try doing the work, money doesnt just trickle of the money tree you know, you still have to grow it, water it, and then go harvest it.

    • Tisha Mingo says:

      Hi JC this is Tisha Mingo I order your system in June 19,2011 and I have some question’s and I been calling you and you never answer,that’s not right because the discount price was for $149.50 and I watch the videos and I need you as the founder of the system to show me how to work this step by step,walk me through this because I feel like you just taken my money and I have a system that I don’t know how to work because those video’s don’t answer my question’s at all,If you can’t walk me through this system,to show me proof that this work’s.

      I would like my money back of $149.50. Please give me a call at 713-928-0441,since you block your 1801-678-4420 number,I can’t reach you but you can reach me.

      Thank You

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