UTI WORLDWIDE Sweepstake Lottery

UTI WORLDWIDE Readers Digest Sweepstake Lottery Winner This company is full of crap!! Readers Digest my behind!!! Im not even old enough to give a dang about some freakin readers digest. They promise 80,000 dollars after you send them the check they sent! Baton Rouge, Louisiana

5250 Old Orchard Rd
Skokie, Illinois 60077
United States of America
Phone: 450-675-9761
Phone: (450) 675-9761

I guess the idiots of UTI worlwide thought i really was going to cash the $2,953.75

They expected me to cash the check that was sent to me in that amount in my name and wire the money through western union. The craziest part was him saying do not cash the check until i tell you to and call me as soon as you have the cash in hand.

I knew it was something to them when i went to not only one of my banks but two of my banks and the check wouldnt cash at either one. The big dummies put bank of america just as big and bright on the check and bank of america tried to cash it and it popped up fraudulent check!!

Western Union has got to be the most idiotic money service company ive ever seen. Any company that will wire fraudulent checks and seem to not comprehend that they are fraud obviously shouldn’t be in buisness.

I should have known something was wrong with western union anyways when i saw a western union buisness in a laundry mat!!

UTI is nothing but a UTI lie!! And for me to get my behind in my vehicle and drive from baton rouge louisiana all the way to kilgore texas which is a five hour drive to my parentshouse to get the check to cash it was a waste of time.

Im a college student with bills to pay i cant pay my bills on hopes and dreams. I wish i was near Frank Adams Executive Director of Uti worldwide for readers digest. I would digest my foot so far down his throat he would be digesting my size 7 1/2 shoe.

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