General Construction: Company Confidential

Defrawi does have a history, a felony fraud conviction for a federal jobs scam in the 1990’s where he took advance fees for non-existant jobs.

Job offers as such are nothing more than a marketing ploy or deceptive marketing practices by non other than Mr. Alex Difrawi aka Alec Difrawi aka Ayman A. Difrawy aka Ayman A. El-Difrawi aka Alex Simon dba Three Stars Media dba 3Starsinc dba Three Stars Inc dba Internet Solutions Corporation and his many aliases. Mr. Difrawi goal is to get you to sign up for continuing education. He should say outright what it is he’s peddling

An Example of What ScamFraudAlert seek from Mr. Difrawi – Good Business Practices

3Stars Inc Leader in Internet Marketing For Online Education Providers

WFTV.COM – CHANNEL 9 Reporting on Alec Difrawi & Three Stars Inc.

Channel9 Reporting three years ago. Notice the website names have changed

Company Name Company Confidential
Job Category Construction/Facilities; Skilled Labor
Location Johns Creek, GA • Savannah, GA
Position Type Full-Time, Employee
Salary $20 to $30 per hour
Experience 0-1 Years Experience
Desired Education Level High School
Date Posted August 10, 2009

Looking for PROFESSIONALS in the Construction industry

Carpenters; Journeymen, Apprentice, Helpers
Electricians; License not required. Will provide tuition assistance to obtain proper certification/licensure
Welders; Pipe & Structural
Job Requirements

General Construction

State Driver’s License
Trade license where applicable; not required, but preferred
dependable transportation
the ability to be put in an honest day’s work for and honest day’s wage
have some integrity
We offer a base pay ranging from $20.00 – $30.00/hourly plus end of year bonus. The benefits we offer include: Medical, Dental, and Life Insurance, LT Disability, Health Reimbursement Plan, Pension and 401K. Our Company offers rapid advancement opportunities and Full Tuition reimbursement will be available to those who are interested in obtaining a certification or degree.

Railway Workers Confidential Knoxville, TN
  • Nashville, TN

Aug 12

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Aug 10save –  hide company –  email –  similar jobsGeneral LaborConfidentialBrownsville, TX

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Aug 10save –  hide company –  email –  similar jobs


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