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These job postings are an attempt to lure you into cashing counterfeit checks and have you wire funds via Western Union or MoneyGram -Essentially You Become A Money or RePackage Mule

Money Mule Explained

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wescom group


This vacancy is valid for American and Australian residents ONLY.

Location: Australia, USA
Status: Open
Employee Type: Part-Time Employee

Major operational duties are prompt receiving and processing stockbrokers’ payments for their further transfer according to the specified method. Detailed work scheme will be provided upon request.


* Expert skills in managing payments and transfers between our company and clients
* Knowledge of basic payment systems
* Ability to schedule working hours effectively
* Availability for 3-4 hours a day
* Advanced PC and Internet skills
* Minimum 18 y.o.

Payment basis: During the trial period you will be paid USD 2,300 per month. You will also receive 8% commission for each payment received from our client. With current volume of clients, on average, your overall income will amount up to USD 4,000 per month. After the trial period your base salary will be as high as USD 3,000 per month plus 8% commission.


* Flexible working schedule
* Possibility to combine this part time job with your primary occupation
* Free training courses

Our analysts have been observing pronounced economic growth in all the departments of Wescom Group Inc. during the latest quarter of this year. This became possible due to perfect and well coordinated work of our team! According to statistical data, 98% of Wescom Group Inc. financial managers being employed for less than three months are completely satisfied with their earnings and would like to improve their professional skills and advance their careers with our Company. The management of Wescom Group Inc. is striving for strengthening and expanding our corporation to get a hold in the major part of today’s financial services market.

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If you would like to apply for this position and learn more, please email us at job@wescom-groupsvc.cn. Time spent for consideration of your application can be drastically reduced if you attach your resume to your email.

It’s the usual identical job as posted by all of these fraudsters It’s just your average ILLEGAL money laundering mule position that will get your bank account and your assets frozen, and could earn you a criminal record. Clear evidence of criminal fraud.

xiii) No legitimate company is going to spamvertise among the untrained, inexperienced and uncertified general population for a “FINANCIAL AGENT” acting as a criminal money transfer agent. It clearly defines Wescom Group Inc. as a criminal fraud organisation.

xiv) The identical illegal job was posted by all the fraudsters other aliases as listed above.

xv) More details of the money mule function as published on the criminal’s website:

Financial Manager

Location: USA, statewide
Availability: currently available
Employment type: Part-time employment
Number of employees required: 3


* not less than 18 years old
* internet access to reply emails promptly
* availability by phone (1-2 hours a day)
* a bank account to process payments
* good credit history with your bank (new bank account is an option)
* no criminal offense or convictions
* experience in the field of finance is preferred


We are searching for people to process payments coming from our clients. Wescom Group Inc. will provide an agent with detailed instructions as regards payment processing operations including sender full name and amount total for each separate case.

When funds enter employee’s bank account, Financial Agent’s duty is to withdraw cash and transfer the funds via International Wire Transfer or Western Union/Money Gram money transfer systems. The main advantage of our services is the shortest possible time within which the seller can receive money for the services/goods sold. If this operation is delayed, our clients are entitled to cancel their contract with us and we suffer financial loss. Therefore, successful applicant must be very responsible and careful!


Successful applicants are offered the position on a probationary period basis (1 month). This is the period when a new employee will be trained and receive online support while working and being paid. A personal supervisor can recommend termination during/after the trial period depending on agent’s activity. New employee should be responsible and strictly follow supervisor’s recommendations to pass the Probationary Period successfully and be employed by us on a regular basis.


During the probationary period we offer USD 2,300 monthly salary plus 8% commission for each payment processing operation. For example, an average $5,000 payment will entail $400 commission (but WU/MG fee is paid from this money, please see for more details below). Furthermore, we offer $50 bonus for each transaction completed by 11 a.m. (local time). With the current number of clients, on average, your overall income will amount to up to USD 4,000 per month. A successful agent may ask for additional tasks and earn more. After the probationary period base salary will be as high as USD 3,000 per month plus 8% commission. Base salary ($2,300) will be transferred at the end of each month to employee’s bank account. Commission (8%) is to be deducted from the processed money.


* Financial Agent is supposed to process received assets during one business day, i.e. from the moment of money entering his bank account to the moment of re-send to our client in accordance with contract terms. If money enters employee’s account on a day-off or holiday, all payment processing procedures have to be completed during the next working day.
* Financial Agent receives invoices for each transaction every 14 days. This document is a confirmation of transaction validity, and in case of any (if any at all) unforeseen circumstances it will evidence your personal non-participation. All invoices will contain detailed information on money sender and will be both sealed and certified with President’s signature.
*After the Probationary Period completion, invoices will be sent every business day.
* Since business transfers can be processed with delays, Financial Manager should specify each transfer as a private remittance. This provision is also applicable in case of a third party interest in the transfer.
* Our clients appreciate our operational efficiency and are ready to pay extra fee for shorter transaction terms. If we manage to deliver goods to buyer within 10 days, the deal is considered to be fulfilled at the earliest possible date.
* All the fees (WU/MG) are paid from employee’s commission. HOWEVER, our company undertakes to reimburse part of expenses which are incurred in connection with money transfer (WIRE or by Western Union/Money gram system) should money transfer charges exceed 3%. All in all, your net profit will amount to 5-8% of the total amount of each payment processing operation.
* We don’t ask for any investment to start cooperating with our company.
* The company offers incentive bonus program based on work results with regard to several factors, i.e. total sum of money transferred, payment processing time, etc.


Probationary period imposes restrictions on the employment benefits of our corporation. Financial Manager will be able to receive Wescom Group Inc. employment benefits only after probationary period completion. Employment benefits will include:

* stock options
* child-care subsidies
* flex-time
* business casual attire
* free training and professional development programs

*Detailed information concerning the employment benefits will be provided after probationary period successful completion.

Main Address:
5405 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Tel: +1 3238432832
Fax: +1 3238725261

Tel:  323-843-2832
Fax:  323-872-5261

Address lookup

canonical name www.wescom-groupsvc.cn.

Domain Whois record

Queried whois.cnnic.net.cn with “wescom-groupsvc.cn“…

Domain Name: wescom-groupsvc.cn
ROID: 20090624s10001s06154938-cn
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registrant Organization: Ferdi Ikdp
Registrant Name: Ferdi Ikdp
Administrative Email: realsupporters@yahoo.com
Sponsoring Registrar: 广东时代互联科技有限公司
Name Server:ns1.party-reunite.cc
Name Server:ns2.bubblepreorder.net
Registration Date: 2009-06-24 22:21
Expiration Date: 2010-06-24 22:21

Network Whois record

Queried whois.ripe.net with “-B“…

% Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
netname:        Cerannics
descr:          Cerannics Network
country:        GB
org:            ORG-Cl90-RIPE
admin-c:        Cnr2-RIPE
tech-c:         Cnr2-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED PI
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-PI-MNT
mnt-by:         NEOGLOBEX-MNT
mnt-lower:      RIPE-NCC-HM-PI-MNT
mnt-routes:     NEOGLOBEX-MNT
mnt-domains:    NEOGLOBEX-MNT
changed:        hostmaster@ripe.net 20080529
source:         RIPE

organisation:   ORG-Cl90-RIPE
org-name:       Cerannics llp
org-type:       OTHER
address:        2nd Floor, Titan Court, 3 Bishop Square, Hatfield
address:        AL10 9NA United Kingdom
e-mail:         www@cerannics.net
admin-c:        Cnr2-RIPE
tech-c:         Cnr2-RIPE
mnt-ref:        NEOGLOBEX-MNT
mnt-by:         NEOGLOBEX-MNT
changed:        mischa@openpeering.nl 20090126
source:         RIPE

role:           Cerannics network role
address:        2nd Floor, Titan Court, 3 Bishop Square, Hatfield
address:        AL10 9NA United Kingdom
e-mail:         www@cerannics.net
admin-c:        ML6898-RIPE
tech-c:         ML6898-RIPE
nic-hdl:        Cnr2-RIPE
changed:        mischa@openpeering.nl 20090126
mnt-by:         NEOGLOBEX-MNT
source:         RIPE

% Information related to ''

descr:          Cerannics Network
origin:         AS47311
mnt-by:         NEOGLOBEX-MNT
changed:        mischa@openpeering.nl 20090126
source:         RIPE

DNS records

DNS query for returned an error from the server: NameError

name class type data time to live
http://www.wescom-groupsvc.cn IN A 120s (00:02:00)
wescom-groupsvc.cn IN SOA
server: ns1.party-reunite.cc
email: root.ns1.party-reunite.cc
serial: 907242159
refresh: 300
retry: 120
expire: 86400
minimum ttl: 60
120s (00:02:00)
wescom-groupsvc.cn IN A 120s (00:02:00)
wescom-groupsvc.cn IN NS ns1.party-reunite.cc 120s (00:02:00)
wescom-groupsvc.cn IN NS ns2.bubblepreorder.net 120s (00:02:00)
wescom-groupsvc.cn IN MX
preference: 10
exchange: mx.wescom-groupsvc.cn
120s (00:02:00)

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