Career Network/Three Stars Inc. – Is This Company Bogus

Career Network Is this company bogus? Orlando Florida

Career Network
P.O. Box 618305                                                                                                                logo
Orlando, Florida, 32861-8305

I was contacted by e-mail from about a high paying position that I had applied for. I have been asked if I wanted to start abusiness and how much debt did I owe? I have also been asked to provide references and phone numbers. The light goes off in my head that this maybe a bogus business that gets information and either sells it or trys to steal your identity. I called the United States Postal Service and they did verify the PO Box in Orlando, FL. Specifically stated… the PO Box does exist under that name. I checked business licenses in Orlando, FL and they don’t have a business license. The company has not provided any physical address or phonenumber to contact. I did contact another business in Richmond, VA which has the name of ‘The Career Network Inc.’. The business in Richmond, VA is not ‘Career Network Inc.’

I did see that someone from the company has answered on Rip Off Report. If they are not bogus then provide your name, physical address, phone number and the business license number under which you operate. Everyone
else in America has to have a valid business license and pay taxes.

I am thinking of making a report to the Federal Trade Commission or the IRS if I can’t find out any more information

Please be careful and don’t let someone rip you off.

This is the supposive HR name and address:

Jill Martin Human Resources

Career Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 618305
Orlando, Florida 32861-8305

Phoenix, Arizona


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