E Team Marketing Herbalife

E Team Marketing Herbalife – Work At Home no information about advertising cost till it is to late Carrolton Texas

E Team Marketing Herbalife
Airport Rd
Carrolton, Texas,

The E team marketing company run by Carla Berg is anchored with HErbalife nutrition products but really hinges on getting new distributors to buy expensive leads that are not good leads. Then they tell you to buy more leads.

They start with a good advertisement that seems legitamate. Then after 2 phone ‘interviews ‘ the candidate is encouraged to buy in at the Supervisor level beacause that is the level where all the benefits can be realized.That ends phase 1.

Then after you have bought $ 2500 in product you are told it is time to buyadvertising. This is not really true, you are buying leads. And my experience is that they are not good leads but very expensive. Then you are told to work it for 1 year in order to build a business.
They keep calling it a business but it is a bottomless pit of money spent from your pocket. I lost around $ 45,000 in less that 1 year. Their system can work but it is not likely that is will work for a new distributor it tends to enhance the totals for the people at the top and drain your savings.

You will see this ‘ opportunity ‘ advertised on major radio shows and late night TV. It seems legit but it is a scam to get you oto buy their leads. Beware when they tell you they have been in business for over 26 years, Herbalife has been in business for over 26 years not E team marketing. And when they avoid answering direct questions run for the hills. I lost everything and these people ruined my life.

San Antonio, Texas

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