Legal Clerk: Confidential –

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Legal Help

Company Name Confidential
Job Category Legal; Clerical/Administrative
Location Phoenix, AZ • Jacksonville, FL
Position Type Full-Time, Employee
Salary Starting at $43,000 per year
Experience 0-1 Years Experience
Desired Education Level High School
Date Posted July 10, 2009

We are looking to make an addition of a file clerk to our team. We are a very busy, yet small office and need some help in keeping our files organized, as well as other various administrative duties.
Ideal candidates will be:


Starting salary is 43,000 per year with medical, dental, life insurance, and 401k. Apply for immediate consideration.

Legal Clerk Confidential Fresno, CA
  • Dallas, TX                    Jul 10


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Legal Clerk Confidential  Phoenix, AZ


Legal Clerk  –    Confidential  Tampa, FL


Legal Clerk  –     Confidential    Long Beach, CA

  • Atlanta, GA

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Collection Clerk –   Confidential     Atlanta, GAJul

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Legal Clerk  –  Confidential  Orlando, FL


Legal Clerk  –   Confidential  Anaheim, CA


Legal Clerk  –  Confidential    lBronx, NY


Legal Clerk   –  Confidential   San Francisco, CA


Legal Clerk   –  Confidential  Clearwater, FL


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