“Three Stars Media or Three Stars, Inc

My husband was several hours away from an interview with Three Stars Media this afternoon.  It just so happened that on his way home to get ready for the interview, he stopped at UPS to drop off a package.  He casually mentioned to the girl at UPS that he had interview at Three Stars Media and she actually warned him about it, saying she’d heard about the company and it was a scam.  Prior to that, my husband had looked at their website, but did not really do any other research regarding the company.

As soon as he left UPS, he googled it, and sure enough, this site and many other similar sites, popped up.  Needless to say, he will not be attending the interview.  I have to admit, in hindsight, the webiste did make the company seem to good to be true.  It’s a shame, because he was really excited about it, but at least he didn’t waste his time or get his identity stolen or have anything bad come of it.  I only hope that anyone else who is considering interviewing with this company reads this site, or another site, first.  I don’t know how in the world this company still in business.  Has anybody else out there reported them?


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