Lower Credit Card Interest Offer (720)377-9293

Credit Card Interest scam pretending to lower interest rate Nationwide

Credit Card Interest
Phone: 720-377-9293
Somewhere In Connecticut

For the past three weeks, this number has come up on my call minder…720-377-9293. It’s a scam call centre I’ve traced to Connecticut. This scam has been going on now for a number of years, and it’s the same old song. They will offer to work with the banks to lower the interest rate on your credit card. The only way they work with the banks is to get your credit card money and steal from your account. The above number is not a real number, so U.S. phone companies are complicit in this and every other scam emanating from the land of the bull, uh, gutless. The phone companies, or the government, must put a stop to these pathetic little worms by not allowing them to use phony numbers. Now being a Canadian, i’m reasonably intelligent, so I haven’t fallen prey to these American yahoos who wouldn’t be able to get a real jobif it hit them in the face on a windy night. At the moment, I’m working with our local police fraud squad to track down these scammers and put them out of business.If this number appears on your call minder, pick up your receiver and hang up.They will call you every day after that, so be prepared for a long haul. If you happen to be taken in by these creeps, call your credit card company immediately, and tell them you didn’t authorize the debit. Stay vigilant. Put your name on the Do Not Call List. Don’t answer any calls from the U.S unless it’s your uncle Harry and you recognize his number.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

6 thoughts on “Lower Credit Card Interest Offer (720)377-9293

  1. no name please says:

    Problem solved!!!!
    I was informed they were raided last week by the Federal Marshalls. Civil Action 09-CV-2021. FTC 092-3190 Orlando Florida Courts.

  2. June says:

    So today I get a call from 2 different women arguing with me about this telling me that they performed a service for me and that one of my credit card interest had been lowered, HAH! I sent them a statement showing them what a liar their consultant was, no interest was lowered period and they said it was done in August of this year when they first talked to me, during the 60 day period they promised.
    Next thing was more calls from them making me so stressed I nearly flipped asking for a refund. Finally they sent me an agreement form saying they would return $395.00US to me cancelling my membership to which I agreed because any refund at this time would be better than none.
    Then right after we hang up, who should call but their scammers telling me how they can lower my credit card interest rate, I hung up and will never, ever talk to anyone from anyplace offering me any services of any kind again. Too expensive a lesson learned too late, but well learned at a cost I certainly shouldn’t have been charged so much for and certainly can’t afford.
    What is said is so true, if it sounds too good to be true….it usually is!
    However, this refund remains to be seen and I know I will never deal with anyone over the phone again ever! Expensive lesson learned, not to be forgotten.
    Ther is another person still waiting for her refund after three months. let’s see how long this takes. They said 1-2 weeks.

  3. June says:

    I too have been scammed by Accelerated Savings to the tune of $795.00US, for nothing they actually did. Michael Roos, my supposed Lifetime Consultant had gotten me to transfer a small amount of money from the higher interest card to the lower one, big deal eh? After that he promised to call me on a following Monday. I did this transfer on Wednesday August 26th-09 and this jacka__ tells me he just saved me $2000.00, yeah right!!

    When he didn’t call me the following Monday I called and left many messages for him to return my calls during that week he didn’t call once. I called their office again and told the girl I wanted a refund, I wasn’t happy with his service, he wasn’t returning my calls so she asked me if I wanted a refund, I replied yes then she transferred my call, I spoke to someone, told her I wanted a refund and hadn’t heard back since so I called again today., 60 days are up now. He hasn’t replied until today, October 28-09, when I called about 3-4 times and left a few nasty messages, then he calls me and argues with me about the Refund that I wasn’t getting because he did something for me???? Like what I asked, I could have done that on my own. During the 60 days that they tell you what all they are going to do, and if they do not do as promised, they guarantee a refund, I still have the letter, but he did NOTHING, so I want my money back I told him.
    In the meantime while he was supposed to be getting me lower interest rates on my credit cards, he did NOTHING! I did that myself this week so I told him I want my money back! Scammers for sure!

  4. former employee says:

    They not from Connecticut, they are from Florida, I worked at their Tamarac Office. They are very shady company. Everybody there is a moran, They ignore and laugh at pepole when they been asked to be taken off the list. From the very begining I did not understand how they can guarentee to lower interest rate, and guarentee fixed rate for life, it’s just a scam to get money out of pepole. I have heard pepole calling in who want their money back while they do guarentee full refound, yeah right!! Unless they file a dispute with they credit card company they won’t see a pennt back from them. Pressing 3 or requesting to be taken of the list won’t do any good, I truly feel soory for you Canadians. Just keep filing complaing against those crooks, the name is Accelerated Savings Inc. http://www.worldclasssavings.com.

    • Steve says:

      I have suspected that this is a scam and I thank you for your confirmation. Their guy is going to be calling me back this friday Sept 25th. Any questions you think I should be asking in order to file an effective complaint?

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