AER Financial Trust

AER Financial Trust These people sent me a phonie check.They used a poor company that has no ties to them to send me a $4,850.00 check. Windsor Ontario

AER Financial Trust
Phone: 289-888-2267
P.o. Box 01477
Windsor, Ontario,

I recieved a letter and a check in the mail from AER Financial Trust. They told me that I had won a sweepstakes($125,000.00)and that they had sent me a check for $4850.00 to pay taxes with. I googled the name on the check and I called this company. They told me that this check was phonie and that they were very sorry. I offered to help them if I could. I googled AER Financial Trust and comfirmed that this was a scam and how to report it.

Hueytown, Alabama

One thought on “AER Financial Trust

  1. Beneva Johnson says:

    Same here they tried to come over on me also. The poor company they were using I feel sorry for! This a scam for anyone who may get one of theses checks.
    Beneva Johnson
    Miami, Florida

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