Part time financial manager , no experience , no degree Meador Staffing Services

Part time Financial Manager , No experience , No degree
Jameson Recruitment

Job Snapshot

Location: Las Vegas, NV ( Map it )
Base Pay: $80.00 – $150.00 /Hour
Employee Type: Part-Time Employee
Industry: Accounting – Finance
Banking – Financial Services
Manages Others: No
Job Type: Sales
Education: None
Experience: None
Travel: Negligible
Posted: 6/9/2009

DescriptionFor further information about this job offer, please contact us by visiting or send an email : recruiter[AT]


JAMESONRECRUITMENT is a team of seasoned top executives in Finance and Investment Operations who have unparalleled track records of success in pharmaceutical operations. We have earned the trust and confidence of property owners in the hospitality industry worldwide with our expertise, credentials, and commitment to create value.


JAMESONRECRUITMENT provides chain pharmaceutical investment resources without the associated chain bureaucracy and their associated costs. Instead of stand-off management, JAMESON-RECRUITMENT’s operations teams provide daily, hands-on involvement, thrive on interaction, and inject the intensity of firm principals into the working environment.


JAMESONRECRUITMENT is currently looking for US citizens willing to become our collaborators and work with us towards structuring our worldwide investment program. Your participation does not require any investment. We are looking for people that own a checking bank account with Bank of America / Wells Fargo and that are willing to collaborate with our company in order to place strategic investments in the name of our company and by doing so also increase their incomes.


The Financial Manager is required to be a US citizen with a valid checking account at Bank of America / Wells Fargo. These transactions are fairly easy to process. The Manager will receive instructions that will guide him/her through the entire process.
Your work will consist in receiving payments/investments from our US customers and making further payments to our main office or to one of our regional affiliate departments.
Each transaction will be made only after prior notification by phone call or e-mail.
You are not required to have any extra knowledge or to be experienced in this business and this occupation can endow additional income to you and your family as it will not require more than few hours per week.

The payment system if flexible and easy for everyone.Each Executive Financial Manager will receive a monthly base salary of $1000, plus a 7% commission from each transaction processed.


Location: USA
Checking account with Bank of America / Wells Fargo
Daily task: Keep in touch with the Recruiting Director at least twice a day through e-mail;
Manage certain Funds Transactions;
Receive and Forward Documents and Papers;
Place strategic investments following the instructions given by our company;

Financial Managers not required to:

be experienced in this domain, as they will be thoroughly instructed;
sell products or have any contact with customers;
quit their current job, since this is a Partnership involving only a few hours of work per week.
Frequently Asked Questions :

QUESTION : Why don’t JAMESON-RECRUITMENT’s customers use INTERNATIONAL WIRE TRANSFERS to send the payments / investments directly to the main office in London?
ANSWER : International wire transfers take a lot of time to clear and are very expensive.Also most of our customers are busy people that make the transactions online, directly from their bank accounts.Few banks have an Online International Wire Transfer option, but most of them allow Domestic Wire transfers to be sent directly from the online banking application.

QUESTION : Do I have to pay anything to get this job?
ANSWER : You don’t have to pay anything in order to get this job.Jobs that require upfront payments from candidates are usually fake.

QUESTION : I have an account with negative ballance.Can I use it?
ANSWER : No.You can’t use an account with negative ballance.You can only use one with positive balance ( or zero )

QUESTION : I don’t have a bank account, but I am willing to open one.Can I still get this job?
ANSWER : Yes, off course, if you can open a new account.

Equal Opportunity Employment

We encourage and support equal employment opportunities for all associates and applicants for employment without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or veteran status. Employment decisions are based on an individual’s knowledge, skills, abilities, job performance, and other qualifications that may be evaluated during the first phase of employment (Instruction Period). JAMESONRECRUITMENT maintains policies and procedures designed to comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment in every location in whichJAMESONRECRUITMENT operates. Individuality is the key to our success. We treat each client, candidate and employee as an individual with their own individual needs and tailor our offerings to best fit these needs.

For further information about this job offer, please contact us by visiting or send an email :


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