Ebook Websites, Fraud Charges, Devbill/DigitalAge/Pluto

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Ebook websites, fraud charges, Devbill/DigitalAge/Pluto

There is far more here than first meets the eye!. digismarket.com and mfbpsite.com card fraud, are only the tip of the iceberg. They are just a fraction of a criminal operation run by a well organized, sophisticated, multi divisional, vertical crime syndicate. That conclusion is the result of tracking and analyzing this syndicate’s operations for over two years. They have been running this large criminal enterprise for at least 4 to 5 years, if not longer. Most importantly, it is driven from routine unfettered access to consumer’s card account data by this Eastern European crime syndicate.

How long has this been going on?…. How and from where are they getting the card account data?….How exactly does it work?…. Where does the millions of fraudulent cash go?….. Who are they?.

digismarket.com DIGISMARKET.COM 607-821-2630

One thought on “Ebook Websites, Fraud Charges, Devbill/DigitalAge/Pluto

  1. Scrub says:



    There are two focus points for this group. One is a hosting server at IP, and the other is a collection of individuals who may know each other, and who reside in either Sacramento and/or Yuba counties in California.

    That server has been under observation for over two weeks. There are at least 18 domains that are hosted on that IP. All 18 have not yet been identified, though several have. From that group the following domains of interest were selected for additional scrutiny:

    1) vr-s.com
    2) ez-booksonline.com
    3) ibook-space.com
    4) ibookstfs.com
    5) ebooks-tfw.com
    6) best-ebooks4you.com
    7) az-bookspace.com

    Some of these sites are works in progress. Several changes were observed being made during the past 10 days.

    I am having difficulty reaching the individuals that appear to be fronting some of the operations. Phone numbers have changed, and where I was able to make contact the people answering the phone did not appear to speak English that well, only Russian. I am urgently trying to find out the domain name of their contacts, and where the money is going. Two crucial pieces of information needed to establish a connection to this syndicate.

    The first related website is a mobile games download site: »vr-s.com
    and contains the following info:

    vr-s.com VirtualMobile-Store, 900 simon terrace way, WEST SACRAMENTO,95605, USA 916-617-8005 (a division of VALL-JRSX )

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