CAREER NETWORK aka career-network aka

Allow me to be the next in line to jump on the bandwagon and (hopefully) warn everybody on my encounters with the exact same damn individuals.

I won’t go into excessive detail, but want to point out the main specifics that are dead on indentical to the above warning about the so called CAREER NETWORK.  It was from Yahoo Hot Jobs that they obtained my resume as well.  ALL of the different jobs (and they did contact me with multiple jobs) had the company listed as CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT.  The same links to CAREER NETWORK with a P.O. Box based in Orlando Florida, never ever had a telephone number listed to make contact.

Another on they go by is CLOVER CAREERS. The site TOP PICK JOBS is where this one came from. EVERY one of these positions in hindsight did have awfully high wages per hour listed, in hindsight. I know the first time I was contacted, I was jumping for joy with what was “offered”. The old cliche “if it’s to good to be true, it probably is” is custom made for this outfit.

Luckily I only replyed to the first one they sent to me. Even though one is all that’s needed. It was more or less to comfirm the info. that I had submitted to Yahoo Hot Jobs on my resume.
 THIS IS WHERE THE RED FLAG OCCURED TO ME. Aside from wanting to know if you were interested in info. on further education, they wanted to know if you knew what your credit score was. They listed a few multiple choice number amounts if it’s between this and that number. If you don’t know your credit score, they conveniently had a link you could access to find out. RED FLAG!!! I was clueless till that point. I red flagged any of the listings they had on Hot Jobs as being misleading since then. Every time they sent emails to me, each one was signed with a different name and position title.
EXAMPLES: Michael Brown Human Resources, J. Howard Human Resources Specialist, C. Benn Director of HR, Janice Hill Assistant to the Hiring Manager, & C. Garner HR Director.
The other site listed was as well. These pretty much all occured during March of this year. At first the positions were ones I had listed as being interested in but as they sent more and I sat back and just watched, they were offering jobs that were not anything near what I had listed as looking for. So I wised up really quickly to this whole employment scam ring. Lost my job in Feb. so at the time I was relatively new to any of this till I started researching. The thing is, with people being placed in the situation they may be in, being desperate for employment and something like this comes along people obviously don’t realize it. It’s a scam artists wet dream! I just feel it’s my moral obligation to warn people of my experience with this and word will spread to educate people before it’s to late.
Thank You


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