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Fight Against Cybercrime Gets Organized

Fight Against Cybercrime Gets Organized

May 15th, 2009

 The fight against cybercrime is showing some very promising progress over the last few years. We are certainly not where we want to be, but we’re on McAfee - Fight Cybercrimea good path. McAfee’s own Inititiative to Fight Cybercrime has been in force for more than a half-year. Recently our Cybercrime Response Unit was launched; it’s an online help center designed to assist victims (and people who suspect they may be victims) of cybercrime. But best of all: We are not alone!

McAfee has teamed with many other companies and institutions to form the Conficker Working Group and has set a precedent that raises hope for the future. Just this week I attended theCounter eCrime Operations Summit (CeCOS) in Barcelona, Spain. The event was hosted by theAnti-Phishing Working Group (APWG). This year’s meeting focused on the development of response paradigms and resources for managers and forensic professionals who fight ecrime. There were a number of very useful presentations and panels on user education, better interaction among various entities, and case studies on how successful this can be.

Even more important were the small meetings outside the offical program, connecting researchers from security companies, CERTs, and law enforcement agencies throughout the world with each other and talking over how we can improve the current situation. This has been a very productive week. At least I now have some hope for the future!

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