Insurance/Reinsurance Attorney

Post Date: Apr 13, 2009
Type: Full time
Start Date: – n/a –
Salary: – n/a –
Location: New Jersey-Newark-Newark

A successful candidate will start as a courier working from home during the training period (first month). During this training period the candidate’s salary is $1600 a month. After the first month the candidate will work from an office in his state and his salary will be increased to $1900 a month. Responsibilities include:-Handling customer complaints and concerns in a professional manner via email correspondence-Communicating with customers through online chat and email support to get information needed to process an order as quickly as possible in the event of a shipment delay-Developing efficient schedules and routes for deliveries to customers -Receiving and entering fax orders -Placing orders for replacements parts and for correcting errors; shortages, wrong item shipped, etc. -Repacking and shipping international orders -Obtaining customer feedback information -Other duties may be assigned to meet business needs Required Knowledge -Basic computer knowledge is required.

The successful candidate will be familiar with the internet, e-mail, Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Office.
Required Skills
-Ability to type and use a personal computers
-Ability to perform routine mathematical calculations
-Ability to communicate to customers, co-workers and management in a professional/courteous manner
-Ability to follow written and verbal instructions
-Ability to work independently in a rapidly changing environment

Required Experience
-Computer and business applications
-Routing and dispatch schedules
-One year experience in customer service is desirable

Required Education of Certification
-High school diploma or GED is preferred.
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