Three Stars Inc. aka 3StarsMedia aka – Employment Screening Network Hires Verification Specialist

Three Star Media

The So Called Verification Specialist Sounds More Like A Telemarketer Working from home

Employment Screening Network Hires Verification Specialists

Our Employment Screening Network is a pre-screening service utilized by thousands of employers nationwide. Verification Specialists conduct brief interviews with job seekers who have applied for a specific job.

The purpose of the interview is four fold:

  1. To verify information already received on the application such as name, address and e-mail.
  2. To ask for additional information as required by the employer that may have not been on the application. For example, the amount of expected income, specific licenses or awards received, and the reason for leaving previous position.
  3. Provide information to the applicant as directed by the employer. Information may range from job details, to scheduling interviews, or directing the applicant to another Web site.
  4. To make offers to qualified individuals. The Employment Screening Network’s model is advertising supported so part of the process is at the conclusion of the interview to ask the applicant if they would like to receive information from an advertising partner.
  5. Independent Verification Specialists may work from home and may set their own hours within our hours of operation (9am – 9pm Monday – Friday eastern time).  A Verification Specialist simply plugs a headset into his or her computer and they are set to begin working. Some details about the position are highlighted below:
  6. All calls are inbound; Verification Specialists make no outbound calls.
  7. All “offers” are simply asking the applicants if they want more information about a product or service.
  8. Verification Specialists do not sell.

Verification Specialists set their own hours and are paid by performance. Typically a Verification Specialist can expect to earn $18 – $25 per hour.

To become a Verification Specialist you must have the following requirements:

  • A computer with a high speed Internet connection A USB port headset (These may be purchased for about $20 – $30 at any Best Buy or Office Depot type stores.
  • No phone is needed as headset plugs directly into your computer) A quiet place to work from at home
  • A professional speaking voice
  • The ability to pay attention to detail
  • A strong work ethic and the ability to work unsupervised

WFTV.COM – CHANNEL 9  Reporting on Alec Difrawi & Three Stars Inc. <===click here

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11 thoughts on “Three Stars Inc. aka 3StarsMedia aka – Employment Screening Network Hires Verification Specialist

  1. Annette says:

    Just want to report as of Oct. 6, 2009 3 Stars Media is still posting fake jobs on Craigslist. I live in IL. and they keep advertising. You apply through Craigslist, then they send you an email with a fake name to go to Great Career Paths or some other fake name to apply and put your info in. They keep wanting you to ask you questions about going back to school. When you look around the site you do see the name 3 Stars Media. I am reporting them to the BBB.

    • Keith Kress Response says:

      Keith Kress
      to ScamFraudAlert
      date Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 6:15 AM
      subject RE: [ScamFraudAlert WebBlog] Please moderate: “Three Stars Inc. aka 3StarsMedia aka – Employment Screening Network Hires Verification Specialist”


      As I have told you before they are not “fake jobs” as erroneously alleged by “Annette”. Individuals register for the site and can browse and apply for jobs in which they are interested. During the process the individual is presented with an advertisement from one of our partners. The individual may opt-in or elect to receive information regarding the offer or may decline the offer and move on. In either event the individual’s application is forwarded to the employer who makes the determination of who they will contact regarding the job posting. Our offers and advertisements allow us to provide the services free of charge to both employers and employees. Other job boards, such as Monster and Career Builder, charge employers expensive fees for posting open job positions which eliminates smaller companies and employers from posting their jobs as such job posting costs are not economically feasible. However, our free job boards allow any employer, including small businesses, to post open job positions, which, in turn, assists job seekers as they are provided access to open positions that they will not find on Monster or Career Builder. Do we advertise on our job boards? Of course we do, just as other job boards and thousands of other online businesses and Web sites do. Do you and your members, such as Annette, complain to Google about Google Ads placed on Web sites you utilize?

      AXXXX- I believe you provide your members and the public a valuable service by exposing actual and verifiable scams on your Web site; however, you could not be more wrong when it comes to your allegations that Three Stars and Career Network are operating scams and misleading our Web site members.

      I would appreciate if you would forward this to Annette or I can just respond to her BBB complaint if you do not wish to do so.

      Keith E. Kress

      Attorney at Law

      (407) 803-4621

  2. Scrub says:

    Keith E. Kress
    Attorney at Law

    2295 South Hiawassee Ave.
    Suite 310
    Orlando, Florida 32835
    P: (321) 293-3236
    F: (321) 293-3203
    Re: Defamatory and Legally Actionable Statements Posted on

    Dear Messrs:
    My name is Keith Kress and I am the attorney representing Internet Solutions Corporation, its affiliates and Alec Defrawy. It has come to my clients’ attention that representatives, agents, administrators, moderators and members of your website,, have made and continue to make and publish defamatory, libelous, disparaging, false, misleading and highly injurious and detrimental statements on your website regarding my clients’ business and personal practices. In particular, the “posters” state as fact that my clients and their affiliates engage in “phishing”, “identity theft”, fraud”, “scams” and other illegal and morally objectionable acts. Such patently false and misleading statements posted on your website have caused my clients substantial damages and will continue to cause damages as long as they remain posted and published to third parties on your website.
    As a result of the foregoing, in order to prevent my clients from incurring any additional damages in the future, we hereby demand that you and your representatives, agents, administrators, moderators and members cease and desist all defamatory, tortious and false statements regarding Internet Solutions Corporation, its affiliates and Alec Defrawy. This includes immediately and permanently removing from any and all links, including but not limited to the links listed in the attachment following this letter, references and statements regarding my clients as well as refraining from making or publishing any statements on any website, including but not limited to, regarding my clients in the future.

    We insist that you provide us with written confirmation by June 4, 2008 stating that you will immediately comply with the above demands. If we do not receive written confirmation by such date my clients will file a lawsuit in the appropriate court in order to protect their rights, recover their damages and prevent further damages in the future.
    This letter is written without prejudice to any of my clients’ rights, remedies and actions at law which are hereby expressly reserved.


  3. Scrub says:

    Author: Heather – Got Scammed Too!

    Now that I posted, I got what I can only perceive as a veiled threat from Career Network’s lawyer.

    I never replied to him, but here it is, for you to see. These people are crooks and have a lawyer trying to squash our free speech is sickening. Nowhere in here have we said anything but our own opinion and experiences and read up, because that’s PROTECTED SPEECH.

    Leave us alone, Mr. Scum-Representing Lawyer. We are NOT afraid to tell the truth!

    “Dear Ms. XXX:

    My name is Keith Kress and I serve as general counsel for Career Network. It has come to my attention that you recently applied for employment through www. and were less than satisfied with your experience. I would appreciate if you would share with me any questions and concerns you have regarding your experience with Career Network at your earliest convenience so that I may address any problems that might exist with Career Network and also ease any concerns you may have as well.

    I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.


    Keith E. Kress
    Attorney at Law
    (321) 293-3236
    KKress@kress-law. com”

    ACK! I just want these crooks to go away. You WILL NOT win, so stop trying!

  4. Duped says:

    My Three Stars SCAM experience

    I recently went for two interviews at Three Stars Media and this was my experience. I am hoping someone closes this company down !! It’s hard enough to find a job in this market but when you get scammed like this, it becomes VERY demoralizing.
    I applied for TWO jobs on : Administrative Assistant and Human Resources Assistant.

    Click here to see the actual postings as they appeared on : and . NOTE: CLICK the pics to make the image larger to be able to read it. This applies for all future photo links.

    I received and automated e-mail back from Three Stars, Inc. the next day requesting to set up an “initial interview” : .
    I went to the website and registered for an initial interview. The ENTIRE interview set up process was automated.
    I received a confirmation e-mail for the “initial interview” : .

    And a reminder e-mail : . This reminding cements the thinking that the job interview is important. They want to make sure you show up.
    I put the words “initial interview” in quotes above because there was NO interview on my first visit to Three Stars. Here is how the first visit played out.

    I arrived at Suite 211 and the receptionist asked for my resume. She then handed me a white binder with laminated pages to view information for a “Verification Specialist”. I quickly paged through this booklet because I already knew what was coming next. I have to admit, I didn’t pay attention much to the laminated pages because I had a friend who interviewed a few weeks prior for a Sales Manager position and she told me the first interview was just an assessment test.

    After flipping through the laminated booklet, I then handed the book back to the receptionist. She told me I needed to take an assessment test (I think the binder info alluded to this too) and she told me she needed to take a picture of me as they “have so many people coming through their doors” and needed to take the photo for “identification purposes”. I complied and let her snap my photo. She then guided me through a door opening to a room with several computers and little cubicles dividing the individuals taking the test. She opened the test on a PC, told me I had 30 mins. to take it and she told me I could use a calculator and she opened the calculator on the desktop. She told me to log in to take the test using my e-mail address and my last name. I then saw all my person info (name, address, etc. as well as the pic she just snapped of me) and then was taken to the test. I don’t remember all the questions but I found a few questions quite odd. One asked “Are you over 24 years of age? ” another asked (not sure of exact wording) “We have part time work at home positions for individuals. Would you be interested in this position or would you like to stick with the position you applied for?” I selected to stick with my current job I applied for. And there were some questions on advertising: “What are advertising verticals?”, “What are five of the top 100 Internet websites?”. There was also three vocabulary questions (the only one I remember was the meaning of the word “CONVERGE”, there were two other vocab words used in sentences, I can’t remember, something about Freud). There were also some Math questions. From memory, I think there were three in total, two word problems (one something about cutting a piece of wood into three pieces and the other was an algebra question, I think it was “2x – 4 = 6”) and another odd question was “If you knew you would be fired for admitting a mistake would you lie to save your job?” . There were other questions on the test but these certain questions stood out to me.

    I left the computer room and the receptionist handed me a business card ( ) and told me to log on to their website with my e-mail address and last name after 10am the next day to check my application status :
    When I logged on the next morning the website had a message (after I logged in) showing that my “aptitude test was impressive” and they wanted to meet with me for a second interview. I scheduled the second interview and got another confirmation e-mail : .

    And again, another reminder e-mail for the second interview : . They really wanted to make sure I showed up !
    I arrived for my second interview at Suite 217 and walked into a foyer with dark lighting and no one to greet me. I saw a big conference table with better lighting and big leather chairs and a projector. I sat down next to two women who were waiting for their “interview”. One of the women asked me “what are we doing here? What’s going to go on I wonder ?” – the both laughed nervously. I told her that first we would get a presentation, then tour, then have individual interviews. This was the experience of my friend. In reality, I misunderstood my friend – there was no individual interview after the tour, it was a group interview telling everyone that they would be getting a phone call if they were interested. Again, my friend when there for a sales job, NOT the jobs I had applied to for Admin Asst. and Human Resources Asst.

    Eventually, more people filtered in. We had 10 in our meeting. A woman named Crissy W (WAH Advisor Regional Manager – according to their website. Go to and click on the little girl being hugged by Mickey Mouse to see her pic and info) was our cheerleader for the next couple of hours. She first asked us to go around the room and introduce ourselves. She then told us about herself (she was a dancer and worked at Disney, although that didn’t pay the bills and then she spoke about the company. Started in 2004, now has over 500 employees and also a team in India. She explained the role of the Verification Specialist and explained that they don’t show the job name in their listings online because “no one would know what that job is and no one would apply for it”. So she admits up front that the jobs that brought all of us in DID NOT EXIST, but not in those exact words. My Human Resources Assistant and Administrative Assistant jobs were not real open jobs at the company! We were told that Three Stars also had a website called “Career Network” and that they are going after and She said that it costs a company $ 400 to post a job on those websites while their Career Network offers postings for only $ 99 and they initially started out by posting those ads for FREE in the beginning. She also showed up a clip on News Channel 13 where the company donated toys for charity and talked up how they give back to the community. She also talked about their free happy hour, dinners at the Executive Managers house, and their co-ed flag football ( ) . She then proceeded to give us a tour of the company. We all piled in the elevator and headed up to the 4th floor (from the 2nd floor) and first toured an office of people posting jobs on Craigslist and other websites, according to Crissy. The workers pretty much ignored us, except for one guy who watched the whole show. All of us idiots, in suits, all there for fake jobs. I could only think as I saw them sitting at their desks that these people were creating the same fake jobs that brought us in. Crissy said they were creating jobs from “their business clients”. We were then lead to Human Resources and introduced to a manager named Dahlia who told us she has been with the company 7 months and LOVES it. She told us that “it’s a long interview process, but stick with it” and she wished us all good luck.
    Next up was the division that we saw the people in action who were Verification Specialists. Basically an auto dialing system will call applicants to tell them that they need to verify information for a job they applied for. When they call back, they go to this department. These people follow a script, verify certain info and then plug at the end to try and sell school admissions. For some reason a select few people work here vs. the at home position we were offered at the end of the interview. See below.
    Next we walked into the webmaster division. First Crissy proceeded to flirt with Darvin K. – Director of Operations – as he showed her a photo that they laughed over, then we were introduced to Kelly R. – Executive Vice President ( and were told that she was the third person hired at the company when it was created out of someone’s apartment. Kelly was wearing a flag football jersey. She explained the department was broken down into four departments. I can’t remember all but one to come up with design ideas for a website, one to create the website, one to “break it” – quality control, and then it was released. Crissy proudly told us that Kelly created MANY websites. We were then lead to the next department “Employer Services” and met Scott D. – Career Network Director ( ) . We heard him give his spiel. He basically stated that he talks to companies to find out more about the jobs to make sure they post the correct information to get a qualified individual and also to make sure that there employees ask the right questions when they do their verification to pre-qualify candidates for companies. A good story anyway.

    Next up, we met Ben D. – Senior Business Analyst ( . Ben told us that he handles SEO and making sure that the websites they create show up in the featured listings on search engines like Google and Yahoo!.

    Lastly, we met Matt A. – WAH Advisor Regional Manager ( ), who was located in Suite 211 in the back offices, behind the computer testing area, who told us what a great company they had because one woman (can’t recall her name) had a Mother that fell ill and she needed to move back up North (New Jersey I think?) and how great the company was because even though the woman had to move away she was still able to log on to a computer up there at 9am in NJ the following Monday and continue working. He said they had many employees talking about how expensive gas was and they realized it was a GREAT idea for their employees to work out of the home. Matt was planting the seed here.

    And then we were lead across the hall again to Suite 217 and back to the conference room. Crissy’s tone TOTALLY changed. No longer a cheerleader and full of friendly energy, she was somber and matter of fact. We were then given two hand outs : one detailing the job outline for the Verification Specialist : and the other for the computer requirements to work at home and the script for the education spiel : . Crissy told us that training started us at $ 10 per hour and we could earn extra money from there, depending on how many people said YES to wanting more information on signing up for education. She claimed she made $ 600 in her first week. She said they like for you to receive 80 -100 calls a day but the record was 150 calls in one day. She estimated that in 15 minutes at least TWO people would say YES to wanting more information about education. She said we were not to push the education, only plant the seed, mentioning it twice, the second time to confirm it. She said they only wanted people who were serious about signing up for classes. She then told us that she realized this job – Verification Specialist – was not for everyone. If we didn’t think it was something we’d be interested in, we could leave now. Otherwise stay behind and she left the room to “get paperwork”. Everyone was like a deer in the headlights. No one moved. She came back and then asked “ok, we have openings for tomorrow for the phone interview, who is available tomorrow ?” So then, with the peer pressure of everyone watching, she proceeded to ask everyone. Many set up times, signing up by stating the time and then telling Crissy their First name and last initial. One person said “Well, can I have some time to think about it?” “Of course!” – Crissy replied. That was a snowball effect then. Others said they too wanted to think about it.
    Here are links to view the Verification Specialist handout :,,, and .
    Here are links to view the Computer requirements and the Education script :, and . This was what was to be covered in the phone interview. They wanted to hear you read the script and make sure your home did not have background distractions like “a baby crying or dog barking”.

    I realize this is lengthy but I wanted to give you all a firsthand account for what the Three Stars interviews entail so you don’t have to waste your time like I did. If you want work at home job that pays $ 10 an hour plus commissions for planting a seed for education, then this job is for you. It’s just a shame they scam, as they say “600 people a week walk through our doors”, into thinking they are on REAL interviews for jobs they applied for online, only to learn it’s a telemarketing work at home position instead.
    Does Three Stars offer job s? YES, but ONLY the Work at Home “Verification Specialist”. NOT the jobs that were posted online. Here is a listing of ALL the jobs supposedly available on the Three Stars website : .
    The jobs were the SAME, none were “filled” from the time frame that my friend applied weeks prior. Now I know it’s because they simply DO NOT EXIST.
    Their claim is that once you master the Verification Specialist job they then like to move you up in the company, depending on what areas you would be best suited for. I wonder how many people are actually moved up. Of course Crissy said she started out (7 months ago, oddly the SAME time Dahlia started with the company) in the Verification Specialist position and worked her way up. Oh and Crissy did tell us all that we did really well on the aptitude test, we were the best of the best, which I now know is a load of bull. The whole thing was a HUGE sales pitch. They made the place look like a fun, young, energetic place to work..and hey ! They even give to charities ! How could they be bad. Forget that they LIED to us to get us all in there in the first place ! I found it odd though that most of the offices did not have fluorescent overhead lights…only desk lamps. All offices were decorated very attractively. Staging here was key. Another odd thing ? NONE of the suites had the “Three Stars” name on the nameplates…which was odd because ALL the other offices DID show their names on the nameplate with the Suite number. Their suites simply had the suite number listed on the nameplate.
    I just saw on the news today that Channel 9 News WFTV will be showing ANOTHER piece on Three Stars and their false job listings. They even show footage, the room that had the Verification Specialists/Education Counselors in it. Should be interesting to watch.

    Lastly, as I mentioned, my friend also went through this process. Why on earth would I want to go through this? Well, she again went for a Sales Manager position and her second interview included info about the company, the company tour, but then also a pitch to the individuals on the interview to partake in a website called Monkey Jar ( ) where you create your own “online mall” and you make money supposedly if your friends shop your “mall” by clicking the links to visit the store websites. Interestingly enough, if you click the “About Us” link on Monkey Jar you will see cartoon caricatures of both Kelly and Darvin from Three Stars. So I went on this interview to see how well I would do on the aptitude test and to see if I would do well enough to get the second interview. My friend who went for her Sales Manager second interview was told if they were interested in her they would call her. It makes me wonder what Three Stars got out of her second interview. Maybe advertising to get people to use the Monkey Jar website. Or maybe the whole thing is just a scam to get our personal info : they have our home address, work numbers, employment history, aptitude ratings, heck even a photo of us – that they can use to sell to marketing companies. Here is info about this take on the whole scheme : . I know this is long, but I hope it helps others from going through this.
    Early on in my search, I also received these two e-mail (and many more – too many to post) from Career Network which I now know is also Three Stars : and . I did not like the fact that the company name and phone number were not listed. I e-mailed back asking for this information and did not receive a response. I think these e-mails were generated off jobs I applied for on Once you click the link for the fake tech support job you are brought to this website: . Notice the questions at the bottom regarding education. You guessed it…this is so a Three Stars work at home Verification Rep. can call you back and ask if you are interested in furthering your education. The website is called : but if you click the about us link it shows that this is Three Stars. So when you search for a job online today you have NO IDEA if the job you are apply for is real or if it’s yet another Three Stars fake job website. I think networking to find a job today is best way to not get scammed. Happy job hunting everyone…be careful out there. At least Three Stars didn’t ask for my social security number at any point. I feel very sorry for job seekers that DO offer this information online. 😦

    See “My Three Stars SCAM experience” entry for my take on this “interview” process : .

  5. Alexis Saunders says:

    Why are these people still around? They need to be stopped. I have read a couple things saying that the FBI has been contacted, but when will this stop? What they are doing is wrong!

    • Three Stars/Monkey Jar Scam says:

      I had almost the exact same experience with Three Stars Media. None of the positions they claim to be hiring exist. And now, they have a new company called ‘Monkey Jar’ with the same type of positions pays and descriptions. This people have to be shut down. They are a complete scam.

  6. scamfraudalert says:

    Company information:
    Three Stars Media
    2295 S. Hiawassee Rd.
    Orlando, Florida
    United States

    My personal experience:

    I was offered an interview from Three Stars Media for an Administrative Assistant. The salary was ranging from $15 to $25 an hour. I received an email requesting that I go to the Three Stars Media website to upload my resume and answer a few questions. Nothing out of the ordinary – standard information. Name, Address, Telephone, Email. I then received a follow-up email with directions and an interview time.

    Once I arrived, I inadvertantly went into the wrong suite. There were several people sitting around a table with an overhead projector and a young woman giving a presentation. She sent me and the woman that followed me in across the hall for the “first interview”. This suite was where “second” interviews were held.

    Once across the hall, a receptionist asked for a hard copy of our resumes and took our pictures. She then handed us a lovely folder with laminated pages that detailed the hiring process as well as the job description of a “verification specialist”. After I finished reading about the process that consists of testing, a second and third interivew and roughly 3 hours over the course of the process prior to them making a decision about employment – I let the receptionist know that the folder she had given me didn’t outline the position that I was applying for. She asked what position that was and when I told her she spent a few seconds searching her desk and then went in to an explanation about the position having administrative duties, and that while it was confusing because they didn’t actually have any positions for Administrative Assistants or Customer Service Representative, or Human Resourse Assistants – all of those duties fell under the duties of a Verification Specialist. I then said “so the position available is for a Verification Specialist – not an Administrative Assitant?” And she responded “yes”. She then asked if I would like to get started and I thanked her for her time and let her know that I would not be interested. When I left, 6 other people were getting ready to start the same process.

    While I can’t speak for the outcome because I didn’t stick around to invest my time – I believe that the guise of having these positions available when they are not is very disappointing. Professionals seeking employment in their field of choice and experience being led down a different path is unfortunate. I’m not sure why they don’t just advertise “Verification Specialist” instead; but I’m guessing that it is because to become a Verification Specialist you probably have to purchase something from them to be successful. Getting people in the door is half the battle, so maybe that’s the ploy to get people interested. A strong sales pitch can generate a lot of excitement. I’m not sure. What I am certain of is that I went on interview for an Administrative Assistant position that had an hourly wage attached to the description, not a Verification Specialist that sets their own hours, has the “potential” to make money and handles their own taxes. I’m sure there are plenty of sucessful Verification Specialist happily working for Three Stars Media – but I didn’t seek out a sales pitch – I just wanted to regular job and they didn’t have that to offer.

  7. scamfraudalert says:

    Career Network – – – Nationwide Employment Services – – – Fake employment agency trying to sell credit report service Orlando Florida

    Job hunters beware! Advertising both on Career Builder and Craigslist there is a company posing as a placement agency that isn’t. When you send them your resume, often to an email address that is, an auto responder replies asking you to go to their website and fill out an application.

    What you are actually directed to is a site that requests your name, address, education, and CELL phone info – including the name of your carrier. There is a box to check to receive career info via text message. The site also asks if you are interested in information on furthering your education, starting a business, or improving your credit score.

    If you fill out that ‘application’ you will receive another email the next day, asking you to go to another website and give references. You will again be asked if you want to further your education, start a business, or improve your credit score. Then the site will request names, phone numbers, and email addresses for all your references.

    If you fill out the references portion, in a day or two you will receive an email from Nationwide Employment Services, with fine print at the bottom saying they are Career Network, Inc., stating that in order to proceed your references must be verified. This email will send you to It’s one of those companies that claims to give you free access to your credit reports and score, but then charges you an annual membership fee after the trial period they hide in the fine print.

    Career Network, Inc. has many different websites:,,,, are the names I know of. It’s all the same scam, and there are no actual job openings to apply for – it’s just this company’s way of getting the referral fees for convincing you to sign up for online schools, starting a business, or joining a credit report service.

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Three Stars Media or Three Stars Inc. represents themselves, both on their website and via job boards (Careerbuilder, etc) as a Marketing and Media company. They post jobs that do not exist such as “personal shopper, ” “advertising coordinator, ” “copywriter” only to lure people into an interview. After sitting through an hour long interview you learn that you will be contacting people via phone all day to sell them into furthering their education at an online school AND collecting information to sell off to other companies. This company is a huge scam and yet it has postings popping up all over national job boards, deceiving people into thinking they can be hired as an administrative assistant or an editor. Three Stars Media must be stopped from endangering the public and misleading job seekers. Local Orlando news channels have done stories on the pyramid scheme of this company.I am telling you honestly, from sitting through an “interview” at this “company” that things are not as they seem or as they are posted. These posted positions do not exist.

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