Labor Maintenance: Confidential

Job offers as such are a marketing ploy by non other than Mr. Alex Difrawi aka Alec Difrawi aka Ayman A. Difrawy aka Alex Simon dba Three Stars Media dba Internet Solutions Corporation and many aliases. Mr. Difrawi empire goal is to get you to sign up for continuing education. He should say outright what it is he’s peddling.

Local downtown Construction Company is in need of Labor Workers.Our hours of operation are respectively: 8:00 am –5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

We are looking for workers to assist with routine maintenance, repair and construction on the work site. General working knowledge of routine construction, repair and maintenance on a typical construction site. Ability to operate vehicles, equipment and tools is preferred.

We offer a base wage starting at $20.00/hourly plus end of year bonus. We also offer full medical, dental, life Insurance, long term disability, pension and 401K. We are a company that supports higher education and support anyone that is interested. We offer tuition reimbursement to all employees.;_ylc=X3oDMTEwMDQwMTQ5BF9TAzM5NjUxMDMzNQRjYXQDSU1SBHBjb2RlAzUwNTc1?source=partner&scode=50575


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